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  • This film reunited director Jason Reitman, writer Diablo Cody and star Charlize Theron, all of whom previously collaborated on Young Adult (2011).
  • This film will be the first of Jason Reitman's to not feature J.K. Simmons.
  • The film's release date was pushed back a week to avoid competition at the box office with Avengers: Infinity War (2018).
  • Charlize Theron gained almost fifty pounds for her role in this film. She did so mainly by eating potato chips and other junk foods.
  • Charlize Theron gained 50 pounds for the role. She adhered to an excessive diet of junk food, processed foods, In-N-Out Burger, and milkshakes. Theron would eat macaroni and cheese at 2 a.m. to help keep on the weight. Theron said that her youngest child had mistaken her for being pregnant, given the extensive weight gain, and that it took a year and a half for her to shed the weight.
  • This is not a sequel to the film Juno, although early notices have billed it as such. The allusion is just to the fact that both of these films have the same director.
  • Feature film debut of Joshua Pak.
  • The film was subject to some controversy surrounding its depiction of postnatal (or postpartum) depression and other mental illness. Those that take issue with the portrayal of these subjects do so because the conditions are never specifically named and because they feel that there is not enough treatment shown on-screen. Those that champion the film feel that it is more accurate for not naming the condition, since postnatal (or postpartum) depression is severely under-diagnosed, and that the film actually does a service by causing debate about these under-discussed topics.
  • Charlize Theron came down with depression for the first time in her life while making this movie, in part due to her weight gain and the pressure to lose it.
  • This is the third collaboration between Reitman and Cody following Juno (2007), and Young Adult (2011).
  • The film premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.
  • Theron said she gained nearly 50 pounds for the role in a period of three and a half months, and ate around the clock to keep the weight on. It took her a year and a half to take the weight off once filming wrapped.
  • The soundtrack features music by Beulahbelle, of which Kaitlyn Dever is a member. She acted in Jason Reitman's previous film Men, Women & Children (2014).
  • The film was show at first Brussels International Film Festival (BRIFF) on June 23, 2018.
  • When Marlo asks Tully what she'll do tonight and Tully replies 'The same thing I do every night: try to take over the world!' she's paraphrasing the catchphrase from Pinky and the Brain.


  • According to Charlize Theron, writer Diablo Cody pitched the movie to director Jason Reitman by saying "What if you were going through something really hard in your life, and your younger self could come rescue you?"
  • Early in the film Marlo compares hiring a nanny to Lifetime movies that end in the mother walking around with a cane after a violent climax. That's exactly what happens to Marlo at the end of the movie.
  • Some details throughout the film foretell the story's final twist, like the use of the song "You Only Live Twice" (cover by Beulahbelle), several shots of Marlo in a mirror, the dress size, the Bourbon drink and the fact no one but the characters of Marlo and Mia share screen time with Tully.
  • Mackenzie Davis who plays Tully also stars in the Black Mirror episode "San Junipero" where she plays a younger "version" of herself.
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