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    • Santiago 'Pope' Garcia: You've been shot 5 times for your country and you can't even afford to send your kids to college.
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    • [at the podium]
    • Retainment Officer: I have the honor today to introduce you to Retired Captain William Miller. He's been everywhere in the world you all wanna go, and a bunch of places you don't. I've asked him to come and talk to you all today at this important crossroad in your careers. I'm gonna step out so this conversation can be frank and to the point.
    • William 'Ironhead' Miller: About five years ago, when I was on leave... I found myself standing in the middle of the cereal aisle at the Publix... with my arm around some guy's throat. I was squeezing so hard he pissed himself. My fiance at the time had to climb on my back just so I didn't actually kill the guy. Do you know why I was doing this? Because he hadn't moved his cart when I asked.
    • William 'Ironhead' Miller: I was the best of the best, able to shut down, control, manipulate; all basic human instincts towards one goal: The completion of my mission. But the effects of committing extreme violence on other human beings are biological and physiological. That's the price of being a warrior.
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