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  • Tommy graduates from Marquette University, which was Chris Farley's real-life alma mater.
  • When Paul Barish attempts to sabotage the Callahan delivery trucks, the gun he uses is a Sturm, Ruger Mini 14.
  • David Spade's character Richard Hayden says that 'Big' Tom, played by Brian Dennehy was like a father to him. Brian Dennehy would go on to play David Spade's father as Red Finch in the TV comedy Just Shoot Me! (1997)
  • Fred Wolf worked on the screenplay uncredited.
  • In the motel room, on the TV in the background is a preview for Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994), also directed by Peter Segal.
  • In the scene where they are at the wedding reception for "Big" Tom Callahan you can see Chris Farley's brother sitting to Chris's left when Big Tom asks Tommy Boy to help him out with the song.
  • The auto shop garages in one of the Zalinsky TV ads are actually Canadian Tire Corporation auto service centre garages.
  • David Spade refused to let the set's stylist work on his hair. This accounts for his hair's tousled appearance in the film.
  • The role of Helen the waitress was originally to be played by Roseanne Barr, but she was busy at the time and was unable to appear in the film.
  • When Bo Derek's character comes out of the pool, Tommy says to Big Tom (Brian Dennehy), "Whoa, dad. She's like a... ten!" Derek and Dennehy both appeared in 10 (1979).
  • On the DVD commentary, director Peter Segal reveals that they used James Newton Howard's score to Dave and George Fenton's score to Groundhog Day (1993) as temp-track music. The Groundhog Day music was used as temp score in the airplane scene.
  • The lunch box young Tommy is carrying at the beginning of the film while running for the school bus is a Brady Bunch lunch box.
  • The convertible is a 1967 Plymouth GTX with a 440 engine and Cragar SS wheels.
  • Tommy says "son of..." ten times throughout the film.
  • According to David Spade, he and Chris Farley got into a physical altercation on the set. Spade had gone out for a drink with Rob Lowe the night before. Farley had become very jealous and angrily repeated "How's Rob Lowe?". David got so fed up with Chris hounding him on the subject that he threw his Diet Coke on him, to which Chris responded by throwing David into a wall and down the stairs. After the fight, Spade walked off the set and refused to continue filming. The pair would sometimes go for hours without talking to each other, talk to each other through the director, etc.
  • On the list showing the exam grades of the students at the beginning of the movie, look at the bottom. One of the names is Helen Keller, who scored an F.
  • Rob Lowe played the supporting role of Tommy's stepbrother and is uncredited. The reason for this is because Rob was contractually obligated to Stephen King's The Stand (1994) at the time, so he took the part simply as a favor for friend Chris Farley.
  • When Richard walks into the mini-mart at the gas station to ask the man behind the counter for directions you can hear Patsy Cline's "Crazy" playing in the background. Julie Warner who plays Tommy's girlfriend Michelle in this movie was also the love interest of Michael J. Fox in Doc Hollywood (1991), in which "Crazy" was the main love theme that Fox and Warner's characters dance and fell in love to.
  • Peter Segal told Film School Rejects that at one point during production, scheduling conflicts almost forced Rob Lowe to drop out of the film. This resulted in the filmmakers holding impromptu auditions while the movie was already filming for the part of Paul Barish. Matthew McConaughey was one of the actors who auditioned. Eventually, Lowe's scheduling conflicts were resolved and he was able to appear.
  • The song "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" was written and performed by the band Timbuk3 who hailed from Madison, Wisconsin, Farley's hometown.
  • Christian Slater was considered for the role of Richard.
  • According to David Spade, both he and Chris Farley ended up dating Lorri Bagley who played the naked woman at the pool. According to Spade, this caused some tension between them during the filming of Black Sheep (1996).
  • Original working title was Billy the Third: A Midwestern . However Lorne Michaels was also working on Billy Madison and insisted the change. Other names considered included Fat Chance and XL before settling on Tommy Boy.
  • Dan Akroyd (Zalinsky) filmed all his scenes in just two days.
  • David Spade (Richard) and Chris Farley (Tommy) had to fly back and forth from Toronto to New York to rehearse and perform on Saturday Night Live. They were still cast members at the time.
  • In the car spin-out scene, the sign that Chris Farley's character hits is a sign for "Chippewa Falls".
  • Once the deer has destroyed Richard's car, there is a shot of the deer standing on the back of it. This car is not a GTX, but a 68 Chrysler Newport. The body lines are different and there is a square Federally required side marker light. Also, GTX taillights wrap around the 1/4 panel, whereas The Chrysler's does not.
  • In the film 50 First Dates, there is the Callahan Institute, which is funded out of Sandusky, Ohio, by T.B. Callahan. This is obviously a reference to this film.
  • The film is included on the film critic Roger Ebert's "Most Hated" list.
  • Shot under the title of "Rocky Road".
  • Chris Farley's first starring role. His premature death two years later prevented him from becoming the major movie star that he had been groomed for.
  • Callahan Auto is actually Gooderham and Worts in Toronto's distillery district
  • The house used at the beginning of the movie and in the wedding scene is the McLaughlin home, which was owed by Col. Sam McLaughlin founder of GM Canada.
  • Chris Farley wanted one of his two Saturday Night Live (1975) co-stars David Spade or Adam Sandler for the role of Richard. Sandler however, was already shooting Billy Madison (1995) around that time and Spade got the role.
  • Chris Farley was on the Marquette Rugby team when he attended college there. He is wearing a Marquette Rugby jacket in the movie.
  • Chris Farley's brother, actor Kevin Farley, appears as a extra during the wedding scene; he can be seen sitting at a table across Tommy when Big Tom calls Tommy up onto the stage to sing with him.
  • David Spade said the "fat guy in a little coat" routine began as an in-joke between him and Chris Farley when the two shared an office together working at Saturday Night Live (1975). Farley would often break up the monotony of their writing time by repeatedly pranking Spade with the idea. He would always insist that he had new material to show Spade, then turn around and reveal it to once again be the "fat guy in a little coat" joke. Spade said he and Farley decided to use it for this movie, thinking that if it was funny to them, it may be funny to others as well.
  • Takes inspiration from William Shakespeare's play "Hamlet".
  • Bo Derek appeared with Brian Dennehy, as Donald the bartender, in the movie 10 (1980).


  • When Richard and Tommy are giving their "spiel" on the plane to fly from Sandusky, OH to Chicago, IL, Richard says " what are the odds of us actually hitting the lake , my money says if anything it's going to be a mountain ." Flying that route will actually take the plane over Two lakes. Lake Erie and Lake Michigan, but no mountains.
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