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  • The number "12-25" (the traditional Christmas date) appears throughout the film: the number on the key, the cab fare, the stopped alarm clock, the address in the newspaper ad, the cab license plate.
  • Towards the beginning of the movie, they pass by a convenience store, in the background you can see the theatrical posters for Perfect Blue (1997), Millennium Actress (2001), and Tokyo Godfathers itself. All three films were directed by Satoshi Kon.
  • On the Tokyo Godfathers DVD there is a bonus "making of" featurette. ANN founder, Justin Sevakis can be spotted at the beginning of the featurette which shows the American premiere of Tokyo Godfathers at BAAF (Big Apple Anime Fest).
  • A number of the minor characters appear to be named for well-known seiyuu. Thus, the cast of characters includes such names as "Eriko Kawasaki" (voiced by Chiyako Shibahara) and "Hidenari Ugaki" (voiced by Mitsuru Ogata).
  • House Rubble background in at 52:37 is the same background in Paranoia Agent (2004)'s opening titles (around 0:38).
  • This movie is an extremely loose remake of Three Godfathers.
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