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  • Most of the "naked" girls dancing in the stone circle and jumping over the fire are wearing flesh-colored body stockings (the film was shot in autumn and not in spring as it was set, and thus was very cold).
  • In the scene where Sgt Howie is in the classroom, he places the blackboard duster at an angle on the desk lid where Miss Rose sits, later when he goes to open the desk lid the blackboard duster is now level at the top the desk.
  • While Sgt Howie is at the chemist shop he shows Lennox (who is mixing something with a mortar and pestle) a photo of the missing girl. Notice how in between shots the photo goes from Howie's hand into Lennox's hand, without having been handed over.
  • When Sgt Howie inspects the school register he stops on "Belthane Term", where Rowan Morrison's address is given as "The Tuck Shop." The shot changes to a close-up, and his finger runs along the same page to now find she was resident at "The Post Office." His hand is also clearly in the wrong position on the following change.
  • During the scene in which the boys are dancing and singing round the Maypole,none of the children's lips are moving although we hear singing on the soundtrack.
  • The calendar in the Photographer's shows May Day to be a Tuesday, therefore Sergeant Howie flew out on Sunday. Not only is this notably unlikely for a routine police investigation in the generally religious Scottish Highlands, The Director's Cut shows Howie receiving the letter on the same day. There were no Sunday postal deliveries at the time.
  • In the scene where Sgt Howie hits McGregor (who is dressed as Punch) with a candlestick, watch closely and you can see that the blow from Howie is aimed into the padded section on the back of the punch costume, rather than at the back of McGregor's head.
  • While Sgt Howie (dressed as Punch) is being chased by the women, you can see autumn leaves on the grass, though the story is set on the first of May.
  • In the scene where Howie questions the Doctor about Rowan Morrison's death certificate, the Doctor is seen to open his front door and step partly inside. The shot cuts away, and when it cuts back to the Doctor his front door is shut. He opens it again and goes in.
  • There is a cut when Rowan Morrison's coffin is exhumed, during which Sgt. Howie moves visibly closer to the gravedigger and the ropes around the coffin disappear.
  • At one point during Willow's nude dance, she rears her head back and her face is slightly visible, just enough to see that it's obviously a double.
  • Despite being set in the Scottish Highlands, and the Hebrides, many of the traditions alluded to are English, rather than Scottish.
  • As Sgt Howie sees the wicker man for the first time, a smeared stain to the chest/heart area not present before nor after, appears on the sacrificial robe he is wearing.
  • When Howie listens to Willow singing while nude, he grabs a picture on the wall and leaves it hanging crooked. As he steps away, it is straight again. When Willow comes into his room the next morning, the picture is crooked again and she straightens it.
  • When Lord Summerisle shows Howie the photographs, a close-up shows him starting to pick one up. It then cuts to a longer shot and Summerisle's hands are on his hips.
  • In the bedroom seduction scene, Woodward's character is seen in close up pressing himself against the wall. A ring is clearly seen on the fourth finger of his left hand. At all other times in the film the ring is on the fourth finger of his right hand and there is no ring on his left hand.
  • As Sergeant Howie is crossing the causeway to the sweet shop, you see a person on bike cycling towards him, but a few seconds later, the bike has vanished, there isn't enough time for the cyclist to get out of the way.
  • When the 1972 harvest festival picture was developed in the chemist shop, it shows Rowan Morrison standing by the ruined church alter that we saw in a previous scene. In the first scene there was a grave stone directly to the right of the alter and the alter was smashed on the left. In the Harvest picture the grave was missing and the alter appeared to be complete.
  • On May Day, when Sgt Howie attempts to leave the island , the establishing shot of the harbor shows the plane moving across the surface of the water under the power of its propeller. It looks as if Sgt Howie is leaving or someone in another plane is landing. However, we find out in the subsequent scenes that Sgt Howie discovers that his plane is disabled and will not start, stranding him on the island.
  • When Sgt. Neil Howie is captured, the quote: "There will be no traces. Bring him up, Oak," that has begun spoken by Lord Summerisle where he is nearly hidden on the left along with the rest of the cult villagers surrounding Howie, his lips do not move. The next cut image, however, sees him speak the rest of the line.
  • In long shots of Howie in the the wicker man his arms are in side but in close ups they're outside gesticulating.


  • After Sgt Howie hits McGregor in order to steal his Punch costume, the actor playing McGregor clearly helps Howie lift him by pushing himself up a beat before Howie is seen straining.
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