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The Vault (Way Down)

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The Vault follows Thom (Highmore), a genius engineering graduate whose interest is piqued by the Bank of Spain. It's safe, built over 100 years ago, has no blueprints, and its security system includes an underground river that floods the safe room if breached. After learning that a legendary treasure will be deposited in the bank's safe, Thom masterminds a meticulous plan along with charismatic art dealer Walter (Cunningham) to break into it.


  • Famke Janssen
  • Sam Riley
  • Freddie Highmore
  • Astrid Bergès-Frisbeyfor
  • Liam Cunningham

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Mar 26, 2021

The Vault is not, in other words, just derivative—it’s also flabby and bland.

Metacritic review by Simon Abrams
Simon Abrams
Mar 24, 2021

The Vault isn’t airtight, but it works as a slick piece of escapist entertainment.

Metacritic review by Richard Roeper
Richard Roeper
Chicago Sun-Times
Mar 23, 2021

The film misses the opportunity for a suspenseful interweaving of sports spectatorship and its characters’ high-stakes gambits.

Metacritic review by Chuck Bowen
Chuck Bowen
Slant Magazine