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  • When Cardinal Bergoglio quotes the Bible to Pope Benedict he says it is from Isaiah 41 Chapter 10. It should be Chapter 41 Verse 10.
  • The movie implies that Jorge Bergoglio cooperated with the Argentinian junta and therefore was exiled once the rule of the military was over. This is not true. Bergoglio stopped being the provincial superior of the Society of Jesus in Argentina in 1979 (not 1983 as shown in the movie) because his terms were over at this time. After that he wasn't banished but served as the rector of the Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel in San Miguel until 1986. It is also not true that Bergoglio became fond of liberation theology at this time. The opposite is true - Bergoglio refused to teach his disciples liberation theology and chose a direct pastoral approach instead. This was the reason for his dismissal in 1986.
  • The movie states in the beginning that it is inspired by true events but in fact it is not. Never has there been a meeting between Jorge Bergoglio and pope Benedict XVI in 2012. Their conversation never took place. Bergoglio didn't want to retire but in 2012 he was already 76 years old and in the case of diocesan bishops who have reached 75 years of age it is standard procedure in the Catholic Church for a bishop to hand in his resignation. The usual decision of the pope is to accept the resignation. Also, Benedict didn't inform Bergoglio about his plans to retire and he didn't appoint him as his successor which above all would be impossible since Benedict didn't participate in the conclave in 2013.
  • In the confession scene Benedict XVI starts talking about Fr. Marcial Maciel and implies that he covered his crimes. The opposite is true. Before becoming pope Cardinal Jospeh Ratzinger started two investigations against Maciel (in 1999 and 2005) and after becoming pope Benedict XVI removed Maciel from office in 2006. Shortly after that, Maciel died.
  • The movie implies that Bergoglio cooperated with the Argentinian junta and betrayed his fellow Jesuits and Argentinians. The opposite is true. The two shown Jesuits priests Jálics and Yorio are real people. They survived the junta thanks to Bergoglio who relentlessly begged the authorities for their release from prison. There also countless other witnesses who survived the junta in Argentina because of Bergoglio. Many of them thank Bergoglio in the book "Francis. The real story of his life" written by Agnieszka Gracz and Adam Sosnowski.
  • The movie implies that Bergoglio had a fiancée and almost got married. This is fake news. Amalia, the girl shown in the movie, is real-life Amalia Damante who grew up in Bergoglio's neighborhood and they often went to school together. In the book "Francis. The real story of his life" Damante explains that their so called "romance" is based on a love letter that Jorge Bergoglio wrote when he was 12 years old. In the book Damante says: "The media made me the pope's fiancée which is not true. We were 12 years old at this time and good friends, that's all."
  • When Pope Francis tells Pope Benedict that Argentina might face Germany the next year in the Football World Cup final it is actually wrong. This dialog was supposed to take place in 2012 and the World Cup was until 2014 in Brazil.
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