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  • Throughout the whole movie the audiovideo is mismatched due to the fact that parts of it were filmed in a local gym due to bad weather.
  • Sam's pants have a lot of paint/charcoal on them when he's in the store but are relatively clean after he sketches Harry and speaks with the Captain.
  • After Arnie opens the door to find Harry in the bathtub he asks, "Hey, what's he doing in our bathtub?" Once the camera switches to a wide shot you can see but not hear Arnie repeating the end of the line.
  • When Sam and Jennifer are talking in Jennifer's house, the shadow of the boom mic can be seen moving across the top of the doorway behind Sam.
  • After Arnie discovers Harry's body in the bath tub, Harry's foot can be seen twitching just as the door opens for the second time.
  • In the second-to-last scene there is a large wet spot on Jennifer's blouse. A few seconds later, the wet spot is completely gone.
  • When the Captain and Miss Gravely are at Miss Rogers' home, the Captain is holding his shovel with the blade down. In a close-up, the blade is up by his face. Then later, it is down again.
  • After Miss Gravely confesses, she is shown leaning back on the rocking chair twice in subsequent shots.
  • When the foursome leaves Jennifer's house, the cupboard door opens by itself. However, when they return, it is closed.
  • Sam leaves his newest painting at the roadside stand as he and Wiggie walk to the Emporium. Sam's painting can now be seen leaning against the counter. Wiggie's attention is drawn out the window, where she sees a customer pick up Sam's painting for a closer look; her attention then shifts back to the interior of the store where Sam's painting is still magically leaning against the counter.
  • The word "Admittance" is misspelled on the Post Office sign in Wiggs Emporium. It reads: "No Addmitance P.O. Dept." This is intended to be a subtle joke.
  • While Jennifer and Sam are on her porch drinking lemonade and discussing Harry, the shades in the two windows behind them repeatedly change positions.
  • Sam's collar changes from curled to straight in every scene. This could be because the material of his shirt appears to be made out of jersey cloth.
  • After he draws Harry's feet, Sam puts the paper block under his left arm with the beginning of his sketch barely visible. (This might be caused by the lighting.) In the next shot as Sam is leaning over Harry's body, the charcoal on Sam's sketch is darker and more complete.
  • When Miss Graveley visits the Captain, we see a case of nautical flags on the wall behind him, with a model ship perched on top. But in the final shot of the scene as Miss Gravely is leaving, the ship is gone.
  • After viewing Sam's roadside paintings, the wealthy man's chauffeur gets into the passenger side of the car and slides over to the drivers side. The car is heard starting before he even reaches the driver's side.
  • When Sam is sitting with Arnie on the porch, he folds his hands between his legs, at the same point in the dialogue the camera switches angles and his hands are now by his side.
  • In the first shot of the general store, the sign that reads "Gas and Oil" is perpendicular to the road. In the following shot of the roadside stand, the sign is parallel to the road and closer to the gas pump.
  • When the tramp removes Harry's shoes, his body is turned 180 degrees, since the captain was dragging by his feet in exactly the opposite direction.
  • They should not have put Harry's shoes back on. They should have gotten the shoes back into Deputy Sheriff Wigg's car.
  • The envelope the Captain takes out of the dead man's pocket, which is addressed to Harry, is not postmarked.
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