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    • [first lines]
    • [talking to his son on the phone]
    • Ed: What I'm saying is that it's more than what it seems, that's all. Much more.
    • Ed: People don't know, because they're too busy with their game shows and football and silliness to take the time to look and read and figure it all out. Who is it that said, "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see"? These are interesting times we're living in. That's another saying. Chinese. Actually, it's a curse. All you have to do is look and learn to connect the dots and get ready.
    • Tina: Oh, man. I only hope I can do it like you do when I'm your age.
    • Ronnie: Oh, it's not what it seems.
    • Tina: Whatever. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do twice.
    • Ed: I saw a sign today.
    • Ronnie: A sign? From God?
    • Ed: Well, I don't know. It said, "yard sale."
    • [last lines]
    • Ronnie: Excuse me? How much is this?
    • [holding up her keepsake]
    • Ed: That depends. How much is it worth to you?
    • Ronnie: Well... Not as much as I thought.
    • Ed: Well, maybe somebody else might need it more than you.
    • Ronnie: Yeah, maybe. You never know when you might need a pretty jar.
    • Ed: You're my BFF. My granddaughter told me what that means. Best friend forever.
    • Ronnie: I don't know what I want to know yet... about you. And when I know what I want to know, I'll let you know.
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