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  • At Nick and Nora's apartment, Nora folds her arms in front of her. In the next shot, she's holding her hands behind her back.
  • Nick walks into a bedroom with an ice bucket full of ice. Minutes later, he walks out of the bedroom but the ice has melted.
  • Wynant removes his eyeglasses when he realizes the bonds are missing from the lock-box and he turns to Tanner. As he steps towards Tanner however he is wearing his glasses and removes them as he speaks.
  • Early in the film, after Nora gets dragged by Asta to find Nick, we see Nick explaining to the bar manager that Asta is a well trained dog. Initially, Nick has Asta's leash in his right hand and points at Asta with his left, but when they focus on Asta, Nick is pointing with his right hand and obviously holding Asta's leash in his left.
  • Christmas Eve, when Dorothy Wynant meets Nick in a bar, she says her father disappeared 3 months earlier. But the opening of the movie, which depicts the day in New York that her father disappeared, it is snowing. Late September is too early for New York City snowfall.
  • During Nick and Nora's Christmas Eve party, the handkerchief in Nick's jacket pocket keeps changing in appearance.
  • When Nick and the coroner look at the body through the Fluoroscope, the bullet, and a piece of shrapnel, appear as bright white. The Fluoroscope uses X-rays except it is viewed on a screen instead of film. Dense objects, such as bones, appear dark, as it appears in the movie. The bullet and shrapnel should then be even darker as it blocks even more of the X-rays. However, this would not have shown up well in the movies, so they were made bright white so the viewers could see them easily.
  • When Nick and Nora are walking with Guild, Nora has Asta's leash in her left hand. There is a close-up of her hand, her fingers open, and she drops the leash but almost immediately, her arm moves back as if she is holding the leash. When Nora and Asta get into the cab, she's holding the leash as if she never dropped it. Very strange that the camera focused on her hand when she let go of the leash.
  • At 60:00 there is a small round mirror on the facing wall. When you zoom in you can see the director seated in shirtsleeves with a dark tie.
  • Nick has a drink in his left hand as he and MacCaulay talk in the living room, during which there is a shot of MacCaulay talking to Nick where we see Nick from behind: his left hand is propped-up against his head with his left arm on the back of his chair.
  • The same shot of Asta pushing the kitchen door open, only to turn around and head back into the kitchen during the party, is used twice.
  • During the Christmas party Nick greets Face and invites him in saying "Shed your chapeau". Face had already removed his hat, as gentlemen do, when entering the apartment.
  • It's never explained how Nick has a key to Wynant's lab.
  • Gilbert accused Dorothy of having an Oedipus complex. An Oedipus complex is antagonism to a father on the part of a son. What Gilbert meant is that Dorothy had an Electra complex, antagonism to a mother on the part of a daughter. The term "Oedipus complex" can apply to a child of either gender who is antagonistic towards the same-sex parent (i.e. it is not male-exclusive), so Gilbert didn't make a mistake.
  • When Mimi goes to Miss Wolf's building, she asks for Wolf's apartment number. The concierge gives her number then asks who is calling. Mimi does not give her name and says that Miss Wolf is expecting her. In reality, a concierge will not give the apartment number out to anyone especially a stranger unless the tenant has given permission for the person to come up.
  • When Mimi Jorgenson dials the operator; she requests to be connected to Miss Wolf's residence and then gives the address. But the operator connects her almost instantly without waiting. This is unrealistic, especially in that time period. Even in a hotel, it would take an operator much longer to look up the person and then connect them.
  • When Stutsy is first approaching Morelli at the bar, Morelli mouths the words, "Hiya Stutsy" but no audio is heard.
  • When Morelli shoots at Nick, his gun is aimed upward toward Nick's right shoulder. But on the following cut after the cops grab Morelli, Nick is now wounded on his lower left rib cage.
  • When the police arrive at the Wynant's lab, you can tell by the abnormal fast movement of the cars and the police that the film has been sped up.
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