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A picaresque journey through the cities and woods of the Eastern seaboard of the U.S undertaken by Lillian, a high school senior from South Carolina. She gets her first glimpse of the wider world on a class trip to Washington, D.C.


  • Talia Ryder
  • Earl Cave
  • Simon Rex
  • Ayo Edebiri
  • Jeremy O. Harris
  • Jacob Elordi
  • Rish Shah
  • Gibby Haynes
  • Jack Irv
  • Khalil Amonette

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May 23, 2023

Railing against conventions has the potential to become conventional after a while, and the film eventually suffers from a case of diminishing returns, but there’s more than enough to warrant such lulls. And of course Williams ends it with a lot of swagger.

Metacritic review by Rory O'Connor
Rory O'Connor
The Film Stage
May 23, 2023

This is a fun — and sometimes very funny — movie that is virtually impossible to make fun of in return, and at the end of the day, that might be the only metric of success that matters to it.

David Ehrlich