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Goofs from The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

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  • At the sacrifice scene, Squidward first appears with his executioner mask already on, but he then puts on again in the next shot of him, even though he first appeared with the mask already worn.
  • When the page from the book falls on top of Sandy's dome, it is much bigger then later when it hangs from her wall.
  • When Bubbles the dolphin takes SpongeBob and his friend for a ride in his mouth to get them safely to the surface, Mr. Krabs thinks they're being eaten, but SpongeBob says, "If he was eating us, he'd be chewing us up." Dolphins can rip off the flesh of animals and swallow them, but all of their teeth are sharp; therefore, they can't chew.
  • Plankton claims that they don't make clothes in his size. However, at the end of 'Sleepy Time', he's shown in a nightgown. This is a goof in itself as earlier in 'Sleepy Time', Plankton is shown to be naked when he wakes with a start.
  • When Burger Beard's ship first hits land, the wheels do not appear to be spinning on his ship, since the hubs are completely stationary. During the chase sequence, the hubs are spinning but at irregular speeds - sometimes slowly, sometimes faster.
  • The fish at the beginning referred to as "Harold" is called "Dave" in the actual show.
  • When Mr. Krabs is torturing Plankton, his headphones cover his eyestalks and not his ears.
  • Mr. Krabs wears the headphones over his eye stalks, not over where his actual ears should be.


  • When the Squidasaurus Rex bursts out of the time machine he completely destroys it, later when Spongebob is giving a speech the time machine can be seen in the background completely intact.
  • When the planets collide when Bubbles in in the toilet, Jupiter and Saturn collide and explode a rocky mess everywhere,both planets are also shown with huge cracks in them, this is impossible as both planets are gas giants and so could not have done this.
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