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  • When Diane walks through the garage she enters the yard without closing the garage door. Later, they enter the garage and the door is closed.
  • When one of the girls knocks a glass of wine over, the spillage on the floor decreases between shots.
  • After they discover the dead Pizza Man, Trish gets onto the phone to call for help. It switched to a shot looking through the window, showing Russ outside, watching them. However, as the camera pans past these windows, the reflection of a second man is seen.
  • When Trish's parents are leaving in the car, Trish's mom tells her to not forget to lock the doors and windows. Between shots, Trish's stance and the position of her arms and hands on the window changes.
  • When Coach Jana is cut across the chest by Russ, blood gets on her tee-shirt that says "Speedo", between the two E's. In the next shot, as she falls to the floor, that blood has vanished.
  • When the two boys are walking away from the telephone repair woman's van, one of the boys drops a book, and hands his friend two folders, and picks up his book. Suddenly in the next shot the friends hands are empty, and the two files are back in the other boys hands.
  • Trish picks up the coffee pot (which cracked on the "hot" stove) with her bare hands.
  • When Trish is putting some of her old toys away in a brown paper bag, she picks up her dog teddy. In the first shot the ear of the dog teddy is folded upwards, lying on it's head. In the reverse shot the ear hangs down, normally.
  • When the Pizza Man falls through Trish's doorway, dead, between shots his position changes, and so does the position of his pizza box. Also, the greasy stain on the pizza box changes shape, and blood on the pizza box disappears too.
  • When Coach Jana arrives home from school, her friend drills a peephole through her door. The hole in the door is rough and ugly, yet in the next shot it's neater and has gained a metal eyepiece.
  • When Coach Jana hits Russ Thorn with the fire poker, it bends like it's made out of rubber.
  • When Linda is hiding from Russ in the showers, the position of the white towel on the side changes.
  • When Russ Thorn chases Linda down the corridor, she runs right to the end of the corridor, then heads down the last row of lockers, and Russ follows her (there is also no poster on the wall.) In the next shot of Russ running down this row of lockers, it's now apparent that it's not the end row; because there is no end wall, and now there is also a poster on the wall behind him.
  • When Trish is speaking on the phone to Diane, she winds up a pair of toy wind-up shoes. In the first shot the toy shoes walk as far as the center of the desk, then run down. In the next shot, they are now right at the edge of the desk.
  • When Russ Thorn grabs the telephone repairwoman and drags her into the van, she drops her appointment book on the ground. In the next shot of the boys walking away from the van, the book that's supposed to be on the ground has dissapeared.
  • When Valerie is making the jug of Kool-Aid, she puts the bag of sugar down on the counter, standing perfectly upright. In the next shot, when Courtney comes over, the top of the bag of sugar is folded down, and then during the scene, it changes back and forth.
  • When Russ Thorn is walking towards Linda in the high school hall, you can hear Linda's scream before she visibly screams.
  • In the shot where Russ Thorn watches as Kimberly and Jackie walk up the steps to Trish's porch, Kimberly's hands are empty. But when she enters the house, she holds up a case of beer in her right hand.
  • Russ Thorn emerges from the swimming pool, but when he attacks the girls seconds later, he is not wet.
  • When Valerie is on the phone with Coach Jana, Courtney's hair is up. When Neil is banging on Bates's front door, Courtney's hair is pulled back. Throughout the rest of the movie, Courtney's hair remains up.
  • After the pizza man is discovered dead, Kim puts the phone down on the desk before running into the living room. While Coach Jana waits on the line, it goes dead. In the next shot, Trish picks up the phone and speaks to an operator just before Russ Thorn cuts the phone line.
  • When Russ Thorn walks into one of the bathrooms' and looks at himself in the mirror, a glimpse of the cameraman's hand is reflected on the mirror. This is corrected in the Blu-ray version.
  • When Russ Thorn leaves after inspecting a closet (where Trish is hiding), the camera's silhouette can be seen.
  • (about 49 min.) Camera briefly reflected on the knife that Trish wields.
  • When Coach Jana arrives home and bends down to put her bag on the floor, you can see some equipment moving in the glass frame of the photo - on the shelf - above her.
  • When Neil gets stabbed to death, you can see that the knife blade bends.
  • When Russ is about to kill the phone repair woman, he pushes her face to the side, as if to drill into the side of her head. But when we see her dead body, the wound is dead center of her forehead. Also, the drill wound has no depth or damage and just looks painted on.


  • During the climactic fight near the pool, after Russ's left hand is cut off, he reaches out with his right. The camera briefly jumps to a long shot in which Russ is holding the drill. When he is knocked into the pool, his hand is empty again.
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