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    • Aditi Chaudhary: I don't know how to be there for anyone but Aisha.
    • Aisha Chaudhary: I'll be there even when I'm not there. Forever.
    • Aisha Chaudhary: Sheela, Sushma, Mamta... ..None of these names would have stirred Moose's suspicions. But Sonia ! There's so much oomph in that name, even the Prime Minister gets shaken.
    • Aisha Chaudhary: When people visit London, they go to Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben. But i was more partial towards Great Ormond Street Hospital.
    • Aisha Chaudhary: There are moments in which you live life to the fullest. And when you are in that moment, you realize that life is the most wondrous thing. Life didn't give me such moments, Moose and Panda created them for me.
    • Aisha Chaudhary: It feels like i am watching my world from above. Sometimes, i like to paint my pain.
    • Aisha Chaudhary: But did you notice Moose's wardrobe ? She seems dressed for a birthday party. Actually, that's the way it should be. The day of death should be celebrated just the way we celebrate a birthday.
    • Niren Chaudhary: Even if your Dad has to beg, he won't give up. It'll take time, but we aren't leaving until you recover. Until then, stay with me, okay ?
    • Niren Chaudhary: One day, I'll make so much money, we won't have to worry about anything.
    • Aditi Chaudhary: Once Aisha gets well, we will rob a bank together.
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