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  • Has similar elements to A Quiet Place (2018) which stars Stanley Tucci's sister-in-law Emily Blunt. However, Tim Lebbon's book, from which this film is based, was published in August 2015 and the film began shooting in September 2017, both before A Quiet Place (2018) was released.
  • Kiernan Shipka and Miranda Otto also work together in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018), although they play niece and aunt instead of daughter and mother.
  • Kiernan Shipka and Stanley Tucci also worked together in Feud: Bette and Joan (2017), although they didn't share any scenes.
  • The author Tim Lebbon plays a corpse in the pharmacy scene. He is seen behind a desk as Stanley Tucci searches for drugs.


  • Caves are the most hostile places on earth to support life. The Vesps could never have found enough food underground to support a large enough population to bring about the carnage as depicted in the movie.
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