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  • During Duke's first night in the apartment, Max gets into the doggie bed and scoots all the way to the far side of where Duke is sleeping on the floor. When the camera cuts, Max is in the middle of the doggie bed.
  • When Duke drags Max from the park by his lead we see Max being pulled through tight railings in an apartment block staircase. For Max and his lead to be pulled between the railings, Duke must have passed through first. Impossible since Duke is several times bigger than Max.
  • When Max and Duke are on the river, and Max is treading water, Duke throws him a life saver. He then bites the rope just before it runs out. In the next shot, however, there is plenty of rope left.
  • During the opening montage of the various pets acting up while their owners our out, Mel is shown barking at a squirrel that is in a tree outside his window. At the end of the movie as the camera zooms away from the building, Mel is shown jumping around one floor below Max's apartment, which is 7-8 stories up. There is no tree outside of Mel's window (or any tree at all).
  • When Sweetpea turns on the TV at the beginning of the film, it uses an Xfinity remote. Comcast service is not available in New York City.
  • The hot dog billboards and boxes advertise 'Weiner' rather than 'Wiener'.
  • When the dogs are in the park, Max's leash keeps changing position on his collar, from one side of his "Max" name tag to the other.
  • The dog-walker has gotten the dogs while their owners had left them at their apartment room by themselves, which means that he's been entrusted with spare keys.
  • When Mel's owner is leaving, the front door is white and there is wall-to-wall blue carpeting on the floor. In the next scene, the wall-to-wall carpeting has gone and the front door is now blue.
  • The small table near the front door in Katie's apartment keeps moving. First, it is right beside the front door with the air vent to the right of it. Later, it moves around the corner to beside the bedroom door, with the air vent to the left of it. When Katie returns near the end, it's back to being right beside the front door.
  • Katie's coffee table disappears and reappears.
  • When Max is waiting for Katie to return and sitting in front of the door near the beginning of the movie, you can see a coat rack on the wall to the left of the door with a blank wall above it. Later, the guinea pig Norman comes through an air vent that has miraculously appeared above the coat rack.
  • As the cat pulls Max out off the bin Duke put him in. Max has no leash on his collar. Although in the shot before and shot after he does have a leash on his collar.
  • Sweet Pea switches on a fan to fly at speed indoors, but upon moving closer to the TV she leaves the air-stream so the bird should have crashed into the screen.


  • The first time Max and Duke got into the water they could barely save themselves by swimming to a boat a few meters away. The scene makes clear that Max cannot swim. But in the end Max saves Duke by swimming to the sinking truck and then they even swim nearly 100 meters to the end of the bridge.
  • When the van is in the water the keys are attached to a buoyant key-chain, which floats away, yet once Snowball retrieves them, they sink to Max.
  • After Snowball throws down the keys and Max opens the cage they swim right out of the van without opening the doors. However we see the windshield shatter, thus making a clear way for the three to swim out.
  • When Max is trying to save Duke in the end, he is walking on the windshield of the truck to get to the keys. Both sides spider and shatter underneath him. Ford started requiring all their vehicles to have laminated safety glass in 1929. It is now a standard for all vehicle windshields. This would not have splintered and shattered away underneath the dogs feet. It would have been relatively safe for him to walk across it with no issues.
  • When the truck falls into the river it is not broad daylight. The sun is clearly setting as can be seen by the skyline and shadows on the bridge. When the scene cuts to Snowball diving in to save Max and Duke from the truck, it becomes nighttime as the sun has completely set.
  • As the Animal Control truck with its smashed windscreen sinks towards the river bottom, a rear window breaks and more water pours down inside - except this wouldn't happen, since all the trapped air would rush upwards through the hole.
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