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Quotes from The Rhythm Section

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    • [on Reza]
    • Mark Serra: He believes in profit... not *The Prophet*
    • [last lines]
    • B: I hope I never see you again
    • [last lines]
    • Stephanie Patrick: *Do* you ?
    • [to Reza]
    • [on her suicide vest]
    • Female suicide bomber: It's on a timer... you coward
    • B: Do you have a better idea ?
    • Stephanie Patrick: I don't have a worse one.
    • Stephanie Patrick: I'm here to offer you closure.
    • Suleman Kaif: And how would you do that ?
    • Stephanie Patrick: Violently.
    • Stephanie Patrick: Don't mention it. Ever.
    • [hands Alia newspaper cuttings of Reza and Mark's deaths]
    • Stephanie Patrick: There's no one left
    • Stephanie Patrick: You can't have sex with me.
    • Proctor: That's a relief.
    • Stephanie Patrick: I've got nothing to lose.
    • B: What about your life ?
    • Stephanie Patrick: What about it ?
    • B: Kaif was the target... everyone else was collateral damage they needed to show that Reformers could be got to anywhere
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