The Reunion

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Feb 1, 2022

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Ricky Reilly, a former actor, is on a spiritual journey in Union Square Park, Manhattan with his Buddhist mentor, Danny. The high of his newfound spirituality is shattered when Ricky sees Travis, his childhood nemesis who put him in the hospital after a fight over a girl. When Ricky's best friend Andy, an NYPD officer, returns from a trip overseas, he challenges Ricky to confront his nemesis at his upcoming high school reunion. The stakes are raised when Ricky falls in love with Natalie, a photographer who's also mixed up in her own drama with an ex-boyfriend. And when Ricky spots Natalie with Travis, he sets off on a dark night of the soul towards THE REUNION, a dream-like event that has our main character searching for answers and testing his courage.


  • Dave Rosenberg
  • Andrea Modica
  • Cara Ronzetti

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