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Goofs from The Pumaman (L'uomo puma)

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  • Vadinho refers to himself and his people as Aztecs from the Andes plateau. The Aztecs lived in central and southern Mexico. The Incas were the primary Native American empire in the Andes, which are entirely located in South America. Even at their greatest extent the Aztec Empire had never come anywhere close to South America.
  • The "stone" wall of Kobras' lair gives very noticeably when Puma Man throws two goons into it.
  • When Puma Man and Kobras are fighting inside the castle, the shot of Puma Man smashing through the wall begins early enough that you can clearly see the hole in the wall has been cut for him, notably the "stone" cut perfectly around his head. He was obviously set up with his head through the wall (like a clown cut-out at the beach) and cued to walk through the flimsy cardboard, because no debris falls before the shot.
  • In the first shot of Tony flying, he gets to the city. In the next shot, a few seconds later, he is in some trees, which are next to the place he flew from.
  • When Tony scrapes against the brick wall, the bricks are set in a straight line, unlike the other bricks, which are laid out correctly.
  • Stonehenge isn't located next to the sea.
  • Just before Tony flies the second time, Vadinho rolls his eyes. In a closer shot, when Tony lifts his cape up, Vadinho is looking straight ahead.
  • When Tony first flies, the sky changes from night to day between shots.
  • A newspaper headline contains the word "american" uncapitalised.
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