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  • At the very beginning, the damaged alien ship flies above hills and mountains in full daylight, yet when it collapses in the forest is deep in the night.
  • When Rory is in the athletic field petting the bulldog, he was wearing the gauntlet on his left arm. Once scene he was wearing it on his left, the scene switches its on his right arm, the scene switches again and it is once more on his left arm.
  • The Upgrade Predator sees in infrared and has a HUD display for his vision, despite the fact he doesn't wear a mask at all. His vision should be all red as seen in the 1st installment and the 3rd installment when a Predator doesn't wear his mask. However, the infrared heat POV can been seen without his mask due to his inbuilt biotech/bio-metric enhancements.
  • Early in the film, Traeger shows Bracket a photo from the 1987 Predator encounter (the first film). The photo is a still of the Predator from the first movie taken from when the Predator decloaks coming out of the water. Considering the only person who survived seeing the Predator uncloaked was Dutch (who did not have a camera with him), who took this picture?
  • When Nettles (the helicopter pilot) is introduced it specifically stated that he "flew Hueys for three tours over there." This would be more than a little difficult as the UH-1 "Huey" helicopter was removed from flight service by the US Army in 1984 when it was replaced by the UH-60 Blackhawk. While some National Guard units continued to fly the Huey for many years, by the time of the Third Gulf War, Hueys were no longer used in front line engagements. There would be no way that Nettles would flown for three tours, or any at all in time for him to have returned to the US as a burned out pilot.
  • If the military was going to interrogate a prisoner, they would not do so in the Veterans Administration hospital. Besides the VA being a completely different department in the Executive Branch of the US government, it wouldn't have the necessary facilities to either restrain, nor to interrogate, a currently serving military member. The military would have used a clinic or hospital on a military installation as they could "lock it down" and they would be able to hold a military prisoner there.
  • The Veterans Administration would have no legal authority to transport former service members in handcuffs. In fact, they couldn't even transport them against their will without them being adjudicated to mentally unsound by a court of law. The commitment process at the VA is voluntary for the majority of patients and would thus not involved restraint using handcuffs. Former military members cannot restrained by the VA unless they are proven to be. danger to themselves or others. Even then, they would not be moved to a new facility by a converted prison transport bus. They would be transported by ambulances and using stretchers.
  • Towards the last section of the movie, Nettles clothing keeps changing. One minute he has a red checkered shirt on, the next time he has a brown combat shirt on. This wardrobe mismatch goes back and forth numerous times.
  • Vehicles with Georgia state license plates on the front are seen in the film. The state of Georgia has not required front license plates since September 2009.
  • When Dr. Bracket is shown pictures from the previous Predator encounters, the image from Predator 2 is dated as being from 1990 (when the movie was released) but the year should read 1997 as stated moments earlier by Traeger.
  • The first Predator in the movie comes to Earth to deliver a weapon for Humans to defend themselves. It then goes on to kill almost every Human it comes in contact with and makes no attempt at communication.
  • When they shoot at the Predator on the tree after saying 'light it up' the gauntlet quickly changes to the right arm and back.
  • Nebraska would not be allowed to wear earrings if he were a military prisoner.
  • Emily refers to the Frankenstein Monster incorrectly as "Frankenstein", the name of the scientist who created him, not the monster himself. This is a very common mistake.
  • Casey is a biologist. She would never say "It grew an exoskeleton under its skin" as an exoskeleton, by definition, is outside the body. A biologist would know that.
  • When Traeger enters the Hunter-Predator's ship, one shot shows a full moon in the sky. The moon on Halloween 2018 was in the Last Quarter phase. The Halloween moon was close to full in 2012, however the presence of a December 2016 magazine in the basement precludes that year.
  • When Rory's "spectrum" skills are supposedly displayed after the fire alarm stops ringing, he replaces the chess pieces that were knocked off of three game boards when Derek and EJ leave the classroom. Just looking at the one game board Derek swiped, there were 7 white pieces and 4 black pieces. As Rory leaves, he has only replaced 4 of the 7 white pieces, and they and the black pieces are not in the same positions. For example, when Derek swiped the board, the Black King and Black Bishop were on diagonally-adjacent squares, but after Rory was done supposedly restoring the game board, they were on laterally-adjacent squares.
  • (Around 10 minutes in) when the fire alarm goes off Rory covers one ear with his right hand while he holds something in the other hand but in the next shot he has both hands over his ears with no sign of the former contents of the left hand.
  • (Around 52 minutes) the boot of the police car pops open just before it hits the fence but a few seconds later it is firmly closed.
  • (Around 75 minutes) McKenna lowers the gun so it's pointing at the bad guy's neck/chest but in the next shot it's aimed at his eye.
  • Quinn goes back to his son's house saying he knew where the Predator was heading to get the gear back. Yet, he is shocked that the package showed up at the house saying he had used a PO Box to ensure he did not endanger his family.
  • In the opening moments of the film, Captain McKenna (in his sniper gear) makes a remark about his team betting on whether or not the 2 hostages will show up or not. His team confirms this. McKenna then says, "Copy that; Im in for 20"; however, he doesn't clarify what he is betting on, In other words, he doesn't state whether he is betting that they will show up it they wont show up. This is obviously an error by the Captain.
  • Throughout the film, "Nebraska" has a lit cigarette on his mouth almost all of the time. However, he is never shown actually taking a deep inhale of any cigarette; at most, he might "puff" on one as if it were a cigar.
  • Casey tells Nebraska that the galaxy is bigger than the universe, when in fact the universe is filled with untold numbers of galaxies.
  • None of the "Loonies" as McKenna calls them, leave the base with any weapons other than the shotgun taken from the guards. But arriving at the school, they have at least three or four military arms restricted from private ownership: automatic rifles, a sub-machine gun, and a rotary grenade launcher, plus all the ammo to make them useful.
  • A biologist like Casey would never say that the Super Predator is evolving in comparison to the rest of his kind. Evolution occurs to an entire species due to environmental factors while a single member of a species (such as the Super Predator) would be metamorphosing. To say the Super Predator is "evolving" is scientifically illiterate.
  • Casey incorrectly says that studies have shown that autism is actually just the next step in human evolution, when autism is actually just a mental disorder.
  • When Nebraska introduces Lynch, he states he got a medal for "blowing up half of a mountain in Mosul." There are no mountains in Mosul, Iraq. Military veterans that were deployed to northern Iraq, specifically the city of Mosul, would know this. The closest mountainous terrain is over 60 kilometers to the north, beyond the town of Alqosh and village of Bozan.
  • Almost the entire film, Nebraska Williams has a cigarette in his mouth. Although he puffs on them, he never inhales any smoke.


  • At the end of the film, the recovered pod that was jettisoned at the beginning of the film is being examined in Dr Yamada's lab. At the foot of the pod is engraved in bold font "Pod 03" in English. The area it is on appears to be the pod itself, though a darker color than an adjacent area. It is not a drape or holding device/manacle. The text engraved should be in Predator font OR the scientists have 2 other pods that they have studied in such detail that they have molded stations for holding them.
  • Around 52 minutes, Nebraska steals a police car. As he drives it into the schoolyard, he bails it of it while it is going at a slow speed. If you look closely, you can see the outside of the driver's door is black;, whereas the rest of the car is white with police markings, etc. They must have had to re-shoot this scene multiple times, and had to replace the door. This is clearly a mistake.
  • Around 47 minutes (:47), "Coyle" (Keegan Michael-Key), mispronounces the word "fugitives". He say "In case you haven't noticed, we're fugitives"; rhyming the 1st syllable with "food", & starting the 2nd syllable with a soft "G", instead of a hard "J". Hence, he says (phonetically) "Foo - git - tivs". He clearly rushed through his lines, making this error.
  • Afound 53 minutes (53:00), McKenna blows a "space dog" virtually in 2 large pieces ("in half") while in mid air; however, when he lands on the ground, he is "whole" again.
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