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Quotes from The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

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    • Frank Chambers: I can sell anything to anybody.
    • Cora Smith: That's what you think.
    • Cora Smith: I want to make something of this place, I want to make it into an honest-to-goodness...
    • Frank Chambers: Well, aren't we ambitious.
    • [about Nick]
    • Frank Chambers: I'd like to see him get plastered like that some night and drive off a cliff.
    • [about his plan to sell Twin Oaks and move to Canada to take care of his sister]
    • Nick Smith: My mind's made up.
    • Cora Smith: So, you've given it a great deal of thought, your mind's made up? Without even talking it over with me, your mind's made up. Well, mine isn't!
    • [coldly]
    • Nick Smith: That's too bad.
    • Frank Chambers: With my brains and your looks, we could go places.
    • Cora Smith: It's too bad Nick took the car.
    • Frank Chambers: Even if it was here we couldn't take it, unless we'd want to spend the night in jail. Stealing a man's wife, that's nothing, but stealing a man's car, that's larceny.
    • Cora Smith: That note I left Nick, if he gets back before we do and finds it...
    • Frank Chambers: Where'd you leave it?
    • Cora Smith: In the cash register!
    • Frank Chambers: That's terrific, that's the first place he'll look.
    • Cora Smith: It's my wedding present to him, but the way he wears it, you'd think it was a noose around his neck.
    • Frank Chambers: You know, there's something about this that's like, well it's like you're expecting a letter that you're just crazy to get, and you're hanging around the front door for fear you might not hear him ring. You never realize that he always rings twice...
    • Cora Smith: You won't find anything cheap around here!
    • Madge Gorland: It's a hot day, and that's a leather seat, and I'm wearing a thin skirt.
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