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Goofs from The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

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  • Nick arrives drunk at home with no cigarette at all. When he appears indoors he has a lit cigarette in his mouth.
  • During the second part of the car tumbling down the mountain, wires connected to the back bumper are visible.
  • Frank is twice positioned in the courtroom in the wheelchair.
  • Position of Frank's hand on the armrest when he and Cora talk after leaving the preliminary hearing.
  • Frank and Cora are further apart, then closer together, when they get home from the late night swim.
  • Frank takes off his tie after getting married, but it is back on at the train station.
  • The way Cora hugs Frank changes after the cop and DA look at the dead cat.
  • At the start of the film, as the car rolls down the hill before Frank gets out, you can clearly see the crew's reflection in the side paneling of the car.
  • The shadow of a jail bar falls on Frank's face differently between takes, showing that he had changed position.
  • When Blair, Sackett and Frank are looking at the stepladder and see the dead cat, its body is shown next to the further foot of the ladder. In a later shot from a distance, the cat's body appears between the feet of the ladder.
  • In the first scene in the new beer garden after the trial, Frank is shown holding a tray with 3 glasses on it, except he is holding the tray at such an angle that the glasses would obviously slide off if they weren't glued in place.
  • When Frank and Cora first leave Nick, Cora falls in the dirt to avoid being hit by a car. All she lands on is her bottom. But the dirt keeps changing its location in different shots, being sometimes on her shoulders, on the front of her skirt, completely gone when she sits on the suitcase, then obviously applied to her bottom as they are returning to the diner.
  • 14 minutes into the movie, when Frank Chambers and Cora Smith begin dancing to a rumba record that Nick Smith puts on the jukebox -- as the pair are slowly dancing towards screen-left, Lana Turner's face breaks-up suddenly into a huge broad smile. Her eyes are looking into John Garfield's' the whole time. Turner tries to control herself as they move into a shadow, but by the time she comes out of the shadow she is obviously laughing at something that John Garfied has either whispered, or maybe a face that he has pulled at her [as the back of his head is towards the camera we do not know for sure?]. But Lana was definitely not supposed to be laughing because in the next cut the pair both have extremely serious faces again.
  • When the three characters take that fatal drive, the directional sign reads Malibu Lake, which is actually spelled Malibou Lake.
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