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  • When Mike is outside the library, there are no columns outside, but when he enters, the shot from inside the library shows one.
  • As Connor and Tracy exit the library, the boom mic is reflected on the windshield of Tracy's car.
  • When George pays his first call upon the Lord home, he bounds down the "stone" steps, landing very heavily on the bottom one, which makes a hollow wooden noise.
  • Midday turns to night during Tracy and George's poolside conversation.
  • In the closing scene, a photographer takes a picture of Dexter and Tracy at their wedding. The camera makes a loud click and they react by looking at the photographer. Moments later, a photograph is shown; however, it shows them looking directly at the camera. Since the picture was taken first, Dexter and Tracy should be looking away from the camera.
  • When Tracy and Dexter are talking about the information that Kidd has on her father, Dexter hands her pictures and tells the story of her father and the dancer, Tina Mara. After Tracy shuffles through the paper multiple times, there doesn't seem to be any written or typed text or photographs on this paper.
  • When Tracy and George talk at the party the night before the wedding, George informs her that "it's after four" in the morning. After that, several hours of activity take place, but it's still dark outside when they all eventually go to bed. Assuming that all this takes place in the summer months, Mike's visit to Dexter's house, Liz's arrival at Dexter's and the typing up of the letter, Tracy and Mike's dancing and swim, and George's arrival on the scene and argument with Tracy and Mike should all have taken place in the bright light of morning.
  • In the closing scene, a miscue by Grant, and possibly one by Hepburn, come off OK. Tracy opens a side door to announce to the guests that she and her fiancé "that was" have decided to call it a day. Dexter is standing behind her, and she says, "uh ... Dexter, what next?" He says "Three (sic) years ago I did you out of a wedding in this house by eloping to Maryland." She says to the guests, "Two years ago, uh, you were invited..." She corrected the number of years which Grant clearly states wrongly - three, to two, but in catching and correcting his error, she got the rest of the line wrong.
  • In the first scene featuring Mike (Jimmy Stewart) and Liz (Ruth Hussey), they are having a discussion in which Liz keeps repeating, "Just that." But right before they go into Sidney Kidd's office, you can see her mouth saying, "Just that," yet there's no sound.
  • Mike incorrectly sings "Someday" Over the Rainbow.
  • When C.K. Dexter Haven is whistling after coming to the mansion Mrs. Lord calls Tracy "Kathy" instead of Tracy.
  • At around 1 hour 39 mins into the movie, Dexter gets a "stinger" for Tracy to help her with her hangover. On his way he runs into Mike. The glass is very full, about 1 inch from the top. Mike wants it but Dexter says it is for Tracy. As Dexter walks out on the patio a large portion of the drink is gone and it is clearly down when he hands it to Tracy. No one ever takes a sip and it is never spilled.
  • As Mrs. Lord leaves for the party she calls Mike "Mr. O'Connor" instead of "Mr. Connor".
  • Contrary to the title, none of the story takes place in Philadelphia and there is no indication that any of the major characters are residents of Philadelphia.
  • The Ardrossan Estate does not have an outdoor pool.
  • In the opening scene Tracy asks her mother how to spell Omelette, he mother spells it "Ommelet'.
  • When Tracy decides to marry Dexter, he needs a best man and chooses Mike. Tracy declares that she needs a maid of honor and chooses Liz. But Tracy was already supposed to marry George so she would have already had a maid of honor. There was no reason for her "suddenly" to need a maid of honor for her last-minute marriage to Dexter.
  • After Dexter reveals Kidd's blackmailing scheme to Tracy, he accidentally calls her Dinah.
  • When Mike has drunkenly woken Dexter up and barged into his home in the middle of the night, the top of Dexter's pajama shirt keeps changing from buttoned to unbuttoned.
  • The shutter sound on Elizabeth's camera doesn't sound anything like an actual camera shutter.


  • When Mike sings "Over the Rainbow" to Tracy after the late night swim, his lips and mouth do not match the words of the song until the close-up shot.
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