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Goofs from The Magnificent Ambersons

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  • In the scene where Lucy and George say goodbye while walking down the street, Lucy's hair is pulled behind her neck. In closeup, as she watches George leave, her hair is in ringlets hanging in front of shoulders, then reverts to the original hairdo when she goes into the pharmacy.
  • Towards the end of a long tracking shot with George and Lucy in a horse-drawn carriage, a portion of the rear end of a camera car and some sort of filmmaking equipment briefly enters the left side of frame.
  • In the law office, as George is telling Mr. Bronson he can't take the job there, Mr. Bronson refers to him as 'Jack' ("I got her in that headlight business, Jack").
  • When Eugene and Lucy leave the Amberson mansion after the big party and drive away in the Morgan automobile, the top of the painted "trees" back drop can then be seen at the top of the Frame for most of the shot as they both drive away.
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