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  • During the exchange between the guards and Megget in the library, the bill of Megget's hat moves from the side of his head to the back of his head multiple times.
  • In the library scene, Guard Engleheart (Kevin Nash) bends down and says "Bet you'd like to hit us huh?", but the voice is not Nash's deep clear voice. It's clearly the gruff higher voice of Guard Dunham (Steve Austin).
  • When the Mean Machine goes in for their final touchdown in the game, the clock reads 6.0 seconds, yet after the ball is snapped and the running back starts to run with the ball, the clock is seen winding down from more than 6.0 seconds.
  • When Crewe first gets to prison he is kicked off the bus and he lands on his back. The back of his hair and shirt are extremely dirty. When he meets with Warden Hazen a short time later, the back of his shirt and hair are clean.
  • When Crewe (Adam Sandler) first steps on the field to play against the guards you can hear some people say "Sandler" instead of Crewe.
  • In the beginning of the game, Turley is wearing black sleeves for the first few plays. But after that he does not have sleeves any more.
  • When the guards and the convicts are on the buses riding to the stadium to the play the game, the guards are in a coach bus with tinted windows, and the convicts are on the blue school bus. When the two buses turn the corner the school bus is clearly empty. Yet, in the next scene, the boys are stepping down off the bus.
  • In the very first play where Torres joins the team, after he tackles Brucie you can see Battle pull Torres off Brucie. Battle at this point of the movie, wasn't on the team yet.
  • In the library scene, Officer Dunham keeps dropping books from Megget's pile onto the floor and making him pick them up. The last time he does this he drops one book on the floor. When Megget gets up however, he has more than one book in his hand.
  • When Scarborough is giving them the trick play for the final points, Deacon is shown standing right next to him with his helmet off. Immediately after that, Deacon is not beside Scarborough, and he has his helmet on. Then immediately after that, he's next to Scarborough again, with his helmet off again.
  • At many different times in the movie, Nate's facial hair keeps switching from a gray beard to a black mustache, back and forth.
  • When the fight breaks out in the first play of the game, a sniper is seen shouldering his rifle, and we hear the sound of a pump action shotgun being pumped.
  • When Paul Crewe goes to meet Turley in the maximum security cell, Turley turns around and he has a spot of blood on his chest just above the top of his shirt. During the conversation the spot of blood disappears and reappears alternately as they switch between Turley and Crewe.
  • When Paul Crewe being pursued by police, there is an overview of the chopper following the car. Because there are no high buildings above the first helicopter, this means there would have to be a second one.
  • When driving away in the Bentley after backing into the cop car, the rear end is seen in perfect condition.
  • Number 55 of the Guards is knocked incoherent during a play during the beginning of the game. Yet on the next play, when Turley knocks Michael Papajohn through the bench, #55 can be seen jeering Turley on the sidelines.
  • On Megget's first run during practice, his chin strap is unbuckled, but after the run he unbuckles it to take off his helmet.
  • Lena calls Walt (Patrick Bristow) "Patrick". It shows up as such on the DVD subtitles.
  • Caretaker receives a package with a birthday cake inside from which he scoops out a pair of cleats, destroying one whole side. In the following scene, Switowski is eating the cake, which only has the center dug out.
  • When Paul Crewe first arrives in prison the guard punches him in the stomach and he falls to his knees. You can see the shin guards on his legs.
  • During one of the scenes where Unger is in the guard's locker room, he sees Halo 2 (2004) being played by one of the guards. If you look at the screen closely, it is actually a Halo 2 demo which technically can't be played since it was just for the E3 preview.
  • When Crewe and Caretaker first meets Nate Scarborough, you can easily see the sun on the horizon. However, in the background of the scene, there's only small structures around. So why is there a huge shade in front of Nate?
  • Numerous penalties in regulation rules football (i.e. covers almost all areas of football) are committed without being called as such, even after the officials agree to call the game fair. Some examples: -Early in the game, Turley and Crewe help push Megget for a first down. Helping the runner in such a way is a ten yard penalty. -Several players remove their helmets while on the field of play after a down. Unless a timeout has been called or the game stopped for any reason (which it wasn't), this is a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. -Several violent actions used are fifteen yard personal foul penalties (and probably ejection from the game if done in such a fashion), including punching, drop kicking an opponent, and clotheslining. However, most of these are done for comic effect. -Paul Crewe gives a downed official a "wet willy". Technically, this will get his team a fifteen yard penalty and result in Crewe's ejection from the game.
  • When you see Crewe looking at the "girls" you see two women in the background, in an all male prison.
  • When Crew is stopped by police, he flees the scene. As he leaves the police officers are both shown talking on their portable radios at the same time. Assuming they are partners riding in the same car, they would be operating on the same radio frequency. Thus, they would not both be able to transmit at the same time, because it would just be jumbled garbage to anyone(dispatcher) listening.
  • Many of the convicts have long hair and facial hair. In the Texas prison system, convicts are required to be clean shaven, and hair cut very short.
  • Warden Hazen tells Crewe at halftime that he wants a two touchdown lead, after which Crewe asks that once that happens, for the guards to "coast". When the warden meets with Captain Knaur before the end of halftime, he tells the captain that once the guards have a three touchdown lead, to hurt the convicts.
  • During the game, there is a split screen of the guards on offense and the cons on defense. Knauer yells, 'White 50', you can clearly see one of the guards jump and the refs should've called a false start.
  • The name of the prison is the Allenville Federal Penitentiary, as stated on the main entrance sign and by Chris Berman. There are no federal traffic crimes Crewe would have been convicted of in a federal court. These are state crimes. Also the federal prison guards are wearing Texas state flags on their shoulder, which would also, never happen.
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