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  • The poster was illustrated in the style of Walter Dean Myers' book covers.
  • The filmmaker is a fan of Ghost World (2001), with that movie's star Thora Birch appears in one of the bus scenes. At the end of that movie, the character of Enid, portrayed by Birch, is seen waiting for a bus. Once the bus arrives, she gets on and the bus drives away. In this movie, there is a scene with Becca (Birch's character) sitting on a bus with another woman. They are complaining about living in San Fransisco and her friend suggests moving to Los Angeles (where Ghost World was set). Further on the subject of Ghost World, Joe Talbot said, "When we first talked to Thora about it, we sort of joked that it was like her character from Ghost World, if it was 15 years later and she got a job in tech in San Francisco, if she never got off the bus, and she left in that movie."
  • In the scene where Becca (Thora Birch) is sitting on the bus, she has a pair of glasses in her pocket, the same glasses that Enid, the character she portrays, wears in Ghost World (2001).
  • In the scene where Mont is describing the old movie for his Grandpa, the film they are watching is D.O.A. (1949), a 1949 thriller set in San Francisco.
  • The DVD that James Sr. is preparing to sell pirated copies of is Cliffhanger (1993).
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