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    • Jimmy Roy: I have a poem... I have a poem.
    • Jimmy Roy: It gets so dark It stays dark, Even when I turn on the light. It gets so bright, The flowers bow to the sun. Do you remember the lion? So quick and so strong. He has no master when his master is sleeping. And all his master does is sleep.
    • Jimmy Roy: Anna is beautiful. Beautiful enough for me. The sun hits her yellow house. It's almost like a sign from God
    • Jimmy Roy: The bull stood alone in the backyard. So dark. I opened the door and stepped out. Wind in the branches. He watched me, Blue eyes. He kept breathing to stay alive. I didn't want him. I was just a boy. Say yes, Say yes, anyway.
    • Lisa Spinelli: Talent is so fragile and so rare. And our culture does everything to crush it. I mean even at four or five, they're coming into school attached to their phones, talking only about TV shows and video games. It's a materialistic culture, and it doesn't support art, or language, or observation. Even my own children, who are great, they don't read. You know, you think maybe it's just a phase. But I worry that it's something larger. A lack of curiosity. A lack of reflection. No one has space for poetry.
    • Jimmy Roy: The gold rusts, The warmth breaks And the light comes at morning, The police start their way to the dining hall, And the sound of World War Three is out there. Dust is out. And pray God, The wedding is coming. And the reciting poem is here.
    • Lisa Spinelli: Mesmerize Me, Butterfly. Forcing wings open-shut Thrust with purpose not known to me Not expert, in your grasses. In poison Mushrooms camouflage deliverance Today the garden teems with wood sprites Flashing blue Now white At the edge of seeing.
    • Simon: A home transformed by the lightning, The balanced alcoves smother This insatiable earth of a planet, Earth. They attacked it with their mechanical horns because they love you.
    • Simon: You know, it is very funny when you have, like, this amount of books, and I've only read one-tenth of them.
    • Jimmy Roy: Come. Let's move in a little. Anna, get up. Remember Loneliness is still time spent With the world. Here's the room with everyone in it. Your dead friends passing through you Like wind Through a wind chime. Don't be afraid, Anna. The end of the road is so far ahead It is already Behind us.
    • Lisa Spinelli: Sadness never ends. Van Gough said that before he died.
    • Lisa Spinelli: You know, Jimmy, this world is going to erase you. There's not a place in this world for you. For people like you, couple of years, you were gonna be just a shadow, just like me.
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