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  • While being interviewed for the release of The Snowman (2017) in October 2017, Rebecca Ferguson spoke about her role in this movie, saying that she will literally be turning into a dragon.
  • This is Rebecca Ferguson's third collaboration with an X-Men actor, the first movie was The Snowman (2017) with Michael Fassbender, and then The Greatest Showman (2017) with Hugh Jackman.
  • Rebecca Ferguson said in an interview that she would film scenes for Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) during the week, and film scenes for this movie during weekends.
  • The school scenes were filmed at Elliott Secondary School (now Ark Putney Academy) in Putney London SW15.
  • The school used in filming was also the secondary school that former James Bond Pierce Brosnan attended when he was a kid.
  • The names of Alex's friends correspond with Knights of the Round Table: Lance is Sir Lancelot, Kaye is Sir Kay, and Bedders is Sir Bedivere.
  • This is Patrick Stewart's first Arthurian movie since playing Leondegrance, the father of Guinevere, in Excalibur (1981).
  • Director Joe Cornish has said that the film's title is a playful reference to the title of The Man Who Would Be King (1975).
  • After a poor opening weekend taking in less than $8m, industry insiders were predicting that " The Kid Who Would be King " could lose up to $50m.
  • All of the characters speak with British accents. This may be an allusion to the fact that the film takes place in England.
  • The road Alex lives in is named after Sir Thomas Malory who was author of Morte de Arthur
  • The post office that young merlin walks into naked is in a village called Minions near Liskeard Cornwall


  • The flyer for the restaurant where Merlin asks Alex to meet him is on Boorman Road. John Boorman directed Excalibur.
  • When preparing for the final battle Alex can be heard saying "I knight thee Sir Hector". The Winchestor list of 24 arthurian knights includes a seat for Sir Ector (Hector) de Maris.
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