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  • While being interviewed for the release of The Snowman (2017) in October 2017, Rebecca Ferguson spoke about her role in this movie, saying that she will literally be turning into a dragon.
  • The names of Alex's friends correspond with Knights of the Round Table: Lance is Sir Lancelot, Kaye is Sir Kay, and Bedders is Sir Bedivere.
  • Patrick Stewart also played Leondegrance (Guinevere's father) in Excalibur (1981), one of the prime inspirations for this movie.
  • The address on the flyer for the restaurant where Merlin insists Alex meet him is 8 Boorman Road (at 0:24:29-0:24:33). John Boorman co-wrote, produced and directed Excalibur (1981).
  • The digital clock in Alex's bedroom displays 00:59 (at 0:26:06) and then switches to 01:00 representing 1 AM. This is consistent with a 24-hour digital clock which shows the hours and minutes since (the most recent) midnight.
  • When introducing himself to the class, young Merlin gives his name as "Mertin Ambrosius Caledonensis". The first name is, of course, a sly play on "Merlin" he made up on the spot, but other two names are derived from names used to refer to the wizard Merlin in the legend of King Arthur and stories that inspired the character. Merlinus Caledonensis is another name for the Welsh folk character Myrddin Wyllt (the name means "of town of Carmarthen", a place in South Wales,) while Merlin Ambrosius is the given name of the Merlin character in the original Arthurian story Historia Regum Britanniae by Geoffrey of Monmouth.
  • The road Alexander lives in is named after Sir Thomas Malory, who Le Morte d'Arthur (originally published in 1485) which was a reworking of the tales of King Arthur and Guinevere, and is regarded as one of the definitive versions of the Arthurian cycle.
  • King Kong is mentioned. Louis Ashbourne Serkis is the son of Andy Serkis, who played the titular character in King Kong (2005).
  • The Stonehenge Tour Guide is played by Adam Buxton who has been the comedy partner of writer/director Joe Cornish since the 1990s when they created and hosted The Adam and Joe Show (1996) together.
  • The phrase "The Once And Future King" is taken from the title of T.H. White's four book series of Arthurian tales, the first of which was used as the basis for Disney's The Sword in the Stone (1963). White derived his title from the inscription that, according to Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, was written upon King Arthur's tomb: "Here lies Arthur, king once, and king to be." It was White who first described Merlin as living through time backwards; an idea revisited by Joe Cornish in this movie.
  • 20th Century Fox's final PG-rated film as a standalone production company and a distributor.
  • At the end of the introduction, the book "Knights of the Round Table" is authored by M.A.B. Parker. Mab is a Faerie Queen from English legend, who in some stories is an antagonist toward Merlin.
  • The movie's title breaks with the overall theme. It is based on Rudyard Kipling's The Man Who Would Be King, a story of British India with no Arthurian connections.
  • Writer and director Joe Cornish states that the main inspirations for the film are Excalibur (1981) and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982).


  • When preparing for the final battle Alex can be heard saying "I knight thee Sir Hector". The Winchester list of 24 Arthurian knights includes a seat for Sir Ector de Maris, also spelled Hector.
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