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Goofs from The Kid Who Would Be King

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  • Throughout the movie they are counting down to an upcoming solar eclipse. Yet the Moon each night gets more and more full with it being completely full the night before the eclipse. A solar eclipse can only happen on a new Moon approximately two weeks away from a full moon.
  • The movie takes place in England, however several times characters refer to distance in miles. England is on the metric system.
  • Merlin's shirt continuously changes between gray and black between shots.
  • When Alex is fighting Lance in the lake, he falls into the water and completely submerges. Immediately after Lance walks away, Alex takes his King Arthur book out of the back pack he is wearing and it is completely dry, despite the backpack being an ordinary school bag and not waterproof.
  • Early in the movie, the kids borrow a car. When time restores, the driver reappears in the car. Later, they borrow horses. The riders should have reappeared one the horses when time restored.
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