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Goofs from The Invisible Man

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  • When Adrian and Cecilia sit down to eat dinner, the slices of meat on Adrian's plate move between shots.
  • Cecilia cuts her left wrist in the shower of her secure medical facility room, yet in the next shot when she is pulled along a white floor there is no blood and no sign of a wound. There is no further sign of this injury until the final scene where she has a white bandage.
  • During the massacre in the hospital hallway it is quite obvious that CCTV cameras are present near the ceiling as things unfold. Alerted guards are summoned and one would assume that security would be watching the CCTV system. Yet as Cecilia exits through the lobby where the other guards and the CCTV system are seen they don't act like they have a clue that something weird is happening.
  • Cecilia goes to the mailbox to check the mail. The flag on the mailbox is up. That's a signal to the carrier there is outgoing mail. If the flag is up the carrier hasn't been there, so there's no need to check for new mail.
  • In order for Adrian's suit to work, it must cover him completely. Any person covered completely by such a suit would likely have a heat stroke and die within minutes of putting it on, as the body's main way to release excess heat is through the skin. This could be solved by a liquid cooling setup with an external radiator such as the kind used in spacesuits, but there's no indication Adrian is wearing anything like that. In addition, such a circulation system would have a pump and fan that both make noise, giving away his presence. Furthermore, this raises the question of when and where he's finding the time to eat, drink, and take care of his personal hygiene. After several days of sweating inside that suit and not showering, his smell alone would be overpowering.
  • Cecilia passes out at a job interview from a high dose of diazepam (Valium). But if she had that much drug in her system she likely wouldn't have been able to walk into that interview, at least not in a straight line.
  • When the Invisible Adrian slaps Sydney (making Cecilia look guilty), the sound of a bare hand slap is heard. But Adrian was wearing gloves as part of his suit, so the sound would have been duller and blunt.
  • The van used by Cecilia to chase Tom should be damaged because of the crash but it was not.
  • At the 52min mark When Cecilia is about to go up into the loft she places the step ladders facing along the length of the corridor and then climbs up to look into the loft, the scene changes view to show her head bobbing up into the loft then she proceeds to climb into the loft the view then changes back into the hallway as her feet disappear up into the loft but now the step ladders have mysteriously moved 90 degrees and are now facing across the corridor side on instead of front facing.
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