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  • When Crystal rips the fake Arkansas plate off the pick-up truck in front of the gas station, the Croatian number plate is revealed: 12 ZA3-G2. However, Croatian number plates begin with a two-letter city code.
  • At the start the when the blonde girl is getting her gag unlocked and removed she spits it out even though the man unlocking it hasn't undone the strap yet.
  • On the boxes in the train, "This end up" is translated to Serbo-Croatian as "Ovde zavrsiti" which actually means "Finish here". The proper translation should be "Gore" which is used in this context, meaning "up", or "ova strana gore"/"ovaj kraj gore"/"gornja strana" which is more literal. Additionally, "This end" is shown as "Dieses Ende" which is the literal German translation. However, in German that makes no sense at all. A correct marking would have simply been "Oben" (for "Up").
  • Near ending of the movie when the two women starts their fight, a camera operator can be seen reflected in the windows.


  • During the text conversation at the beginning of the film Richard sent the message about 'ratf**ker-in-chief'. Later in the film when Nicole quoted this text conversation she said it was Martin who typed the message.
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