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Goofs from The Hummingbird Project

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  • Very visible typo: One on screen title says "Landing Sight" instead of "Landing Site"
  • While Vincent is sitting quietly in a hot tub, Eva surprises him from behind and pours water over his head. The surprise of her sneak attack is not plausible because when she steps back as she talks her high heels make a lot of racket, echoing LOUDLY on the tile with every step she takes.
  • About 30 minutes: A mileage sign to various cities is shown, including Columbus (Ohio). Columbus is misspelled as Colombus.
  • When Jesse Eisenberg is going up to the microwave tower to cut it down with a chainsaw as he collapses the chainsaw falls away but, the saw is still running. Modern chainsaws are designed with a safety bar such that if the user's hand comes off the bar the saw stops.
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