The Great War

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During the final days of World War I, a regiment of daring African-American "Buffalo Soldiers"is trapped deep behind enemy lines. After one of these soldiers manages to escape, he's ordered to join a select team of white troops, led by a battle-scarred officer, to find and rescue the survivors. Casting aside their racial differences, the determined men join forces to find their lost comrades in this gripping, action-filled tale of bravery and unity.


  • Ron Perlman
  • Billy Zane
  • Bates Wilder
  • Jordan McFadden
  • Edgar Damatian
  • Hiram A. Murray
  • Wade Everett
  • Judah McFadden
  • Andrew Stecker
  • Aaron Courteau

Did You Know?


  • The black & white glass plate photos shown during the credits were taken on set and developed on site by the photographer.
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  • You talk about the 'premiere' being in Nov 2019 but then state the film was released in April 2019? Also WW1 ended in Nov 1918 not 1919.
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Dec 13, 2019

Unfortunately, despite his obvious passion for the genre, Luke doesn't yet have the cinematic chops (or clearly, the budget) to effectively put his vision onscreen.

Metacritic review by Frank Scheck
Frank Scheck
The Hollywood Reporter
Dec 12, 2019

Although writer-director Steven Luke’s reach often exceeds his grasp, he’s managed to present a meaningful, largely involving, if decidedly small-scale and fictionalized story about race, courage and comradeship.

Metacritic review by Gary Goldstein
Gary Goldstein
Los Angeles Times
Dec 12, 2019

It simply does not have the budget or craft for the scale it requires.

Metacritic review by Ben Kenigsberg
Ben Kenigsberg
The New York Times