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  • Lisbeth is one of the world's best hackers. She would not hack the US computers in such a way as to allow them to so easily identify her location.
  • When the 2 cars are on the bridge by the port, the front car stops at an angle. When the man gets out of the car to shoot, the car is now straight, later it is shown back at the angle again.
  • Two vehicles drive on to the bridge at the port. After the mid-section is raised one car drives away. There are no tyre tracks visible from their arrival.
  • The tyres on the Ducati change from road tyres to off road tyres (and stay that way) after the leap off the wharf.
  • The notion of a program that cannot be copied only moved makes little sense. A file move operation reads the file from the source location and creates a copy at the destination location. It then marks the original file for deletion by the operating system on the source computer. The computer that is doing the copying cannot force the source computer to delete the file, only mark it as such. The computer that is holding the source file has no control over the computer that is writing the copy of the file to the destination location, It cannot force the destination computer to erase its copy if the deletion of the original file fails. The notion that only one copy of a program can exist is possible if all computers have software can control the copy, such that it will not finalise the copy until the source location is securely erased, this is often classed as Digital Rights Management software. In the context of the film transferring a file across many computers, where each one would not be under the scope of such DRM software means any one of those servers could have taken a copy and the notion a file can only exist in one place and a second copy cannot be created is not possible.
  • Although Claire Foy worked with a linguistics coach to perfect her Swedish accent. Her accent is a mix of Danish and German, and bares little to no resemblance to Swedish. The vast majority of her co-stars speaks with a convincing Swedish accent.
  • In the window of the Swedish Security Service the abbreviation reads "SAPO". The correct abbreviation is "SÄPO" which comes from Säkerhetspolisen.
  • At minute 55 Lisbet jumps her Volvo S60 back onto the motorway and one of the car's left side hub caps flies off. Soon after when she slides to a stop on the bridge it is miraculously back in place.
  • At the end of the movie, Mikael writes his article on a German layout keyboard, despite his office being located in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • In reality there are no outside elevators on the two office towers where Lisbet first contacts Mikael in this movie. The towers are located on Kungsgatan, Stockholm.
  • When the girls' father sits on his bed to talk to them, he loosens his tie, but leaves it knotted. When Lisbeth leads her sister away and he gets up and follows, the tie is completely undone and hanging down his shirt. In the next sequence however, his tie is once again just loosened and still knotted.
  • The villains kill Balder and kidnap his son August along with the program they are after. At that point, they have absolutely no idea that August would be able to open the program for them. It would make more logical sense to take the creator of the program to help them get into it rather than kill him and hope that some other character could.


  • Towards the end of the movie the laptop is erased by Lisabet, and the laptop displays a message that this the operating system has been erased and that is what Balder would have wanted followed by a C: prompt. C: is a command prompt for CMD.EXE. If the operating system had been erased the CMD.EXE would not exist to display the prompt. In addition a competent hacker would have been aware that its possible to recover files after an operating system erasure by advanced forensic methods that would be accessible to the likes of the government level agencies that are trying to recover this software. To ensure the file cannot be restored by such means the drive should have been physical destroyed, such as by gunshot into the drive hardware, but that would have had the same dramatic climax.
  • One of the last actions of the protagonist is to delete the hard drive containing the nuclear access program. However earlier on it was made clear that the program can only be moved and not deleted.
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