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  • In the closing credits, immediately under "Standby Carpenter", it says "Standy Rigger"-this should be "Standby Rigger".
  • In the first scene we meet Rosalind there is a shot of her entering her car garage from behind, in this shot the red soles of her Christian louboutin stilettos are clear for all to see, moments later when she leaves her office, she is wearing what appear to be the same stilettos but they seem to now be black/normal on their underside.
  • When we first see Rosalind, she is wearing Christian Laboutin red soled high heel shoes but when she is in the office the red soles change to cream.
  • Fletcher asks Ray to put on some steaks. Ray pulls some out of the freezer and moments later he is putting them on the grill. However, the steaks shown being placed on the grill are already thawed out.
  • Toward the end of the warehouse scene with Mickey and Matthew discussing the 'final numbers', Mickey demands payment of Matthew to include a 'pound of flesh' for the indiscretions done to Rosalind, Mickey hands the scalpel to Bunny, but leaves the bowl to be used to weigh/hold the required material on the containers outside of the freezer.
  • The small encased gold gun that was given to Mickey Pearson comes with six bullets, Rosalind even mentions this when seeing it. Right before she raises the gun then stands and shoots the two men we can see the six bullets still in the case, she never loads it.
  • At 42:31 Jackie's right arm is on the sofa's top and in the next shot her hands are crossed.
  • While taking Laura from Power's apartment, Raymond is wearing a gold ring. He also wears a green ring that disappears and re-appears randomly.
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