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  • Multiple closeup shots clearly show second and third holes in Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz's ear lobes. Multiple ear piercings were not common in the early 1700s, especially for English women at court.
  • Emma Stone's freckles come and go. In the period depicted, an upper-class woman wouldn't spend enough time in the sun to acquire freckles. However, it was clear from the plot that Abigail had fallen on hard times prior to attending court; having to work as a domestic servant strongly suggests that she might well have been exposed to the sun, contrary to her new-found standing among the upper class.
  • The phrase "prime minister" was used of James I and Charles I's "favourite", George Villiers (1592-1628), although naturally it did not mean what the modern office of Prime Minister has come to mean.
  • The word "posh" is used to describe an upper-class person. The first recorded use of the word in this sense was in 1914, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Robert Harley is portrayed in the film as a very young man and is played by Nicholas Hoult, who was 28 during filming. In reality, Harley was aged 47-49 years old during this period. His youthful portrayal is probably inspired by William Pitt the Younger, who became Prime Minister in 1783 aged 24.


  • When Abigail is talking in her bedroom on her wedding night, a metal band is visible on her front teeth.
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