The Expendables

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  • Interview: Jet Li "On the director"

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"The Expendables" is a hard-hitting action/thriller about a group of mercenaries hired to infiltrate a South American country and overthrow its ruthless dictator. Once the mission begins, the men realize things aren't quite as they appear, finding themselves caught in a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal. With their mission thwarted and an innocent life in danger, the men struggle with an even tougher challenge - one that threatens to destroy this band of brothers.


  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Jason Statham
  • Jet Li
  • Dolph Lundgren
  • Eric Roberts
  • Randy Couture
  • Steve Austin
  • David Zayas
  • Giselle Itié
  • Charisma Carpenter

Did You Know?


  • Scott Adkins was offered the role of Dan Paine.
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  • When Barney Ross and Yin Yang stop by a traffic light just before the car chase with Gunner Jensen, the car behind them slows down and stops. When the camera changes angle the same car is seen from a distance slowing down and stopping again.
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    • [about to fight Ying Yang]
    • Gunnar Jensen: What do you wear, size 3? Bring it, happy feet.
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The whole exercise has the trying-too-hard vibe of a bad toupee.

Metacritic review by Stephanie Zacharek
Stephanie Zacharek

Next to the hopelessly inexpressive Stallone and the English-impaired Li, Statham emerges as the movie's principal wit. But the script furnishes him with only a few deadpan quips. Besides, it's no great accomplishment to be the funniest guy in a Sylvester Stallone flick.

Metacritic review by Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins