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  • In the scene at the VFW hall where they are playing bingo, the guy calling out the numbers on the winning card calls B-15, but when the board comes into view showing the numbers that had been called, B-15 is not lit up.
  • When Linda goes to Mike and Nick's trailer for the first time, the trailers hitch as well as the tail lights can be seen. The wires from the tail lights are seen running into the windows above the hitch. The tail lights should be on the rear while the hitch is on the front.
  • In the first hunting scene as they're changing their clothes, Michael and Stan are arguing about Mike's boots. Nicky is seen putting on a sweater and had both arms in when it cuts back to Mike who delivers his "This is this" lines. When it cuts back to Stan and Nicky, Nicky is once again putting the sweater on as if it was never on in the first place.
  • When Michael comes back from Vietnam he has a full beard while in uniform. He would not have been able to leave Vietnam in uniform until haircut and facial hair complies with uniform regulation AR 670-1.
  • The credits list John D. Rockefeller III as the Governor of West Virginia, when in fact it was his son, Jay Rockefeller, or John D. Rockefeller IV.
  • The level of Michael's beer while he is leaning against the post at the wedding reception goes up after he drinks.
  • Mike wears the green beret of the U.S. Army Special Forces operator. He is dressed in SF tigerstripe camouflage in Vietnam. However, in full dress uniform his left shoulder sports the 101st Airborne Division badge.
  • During a brief moment, the whole camera crew becomes visible in a shop window.
  • The hunting scenes supposedly taking place in the Appalachian Range are obviously filmed elsewhere: The Appalachians are a smooth rolling range, but the scenes show towering, jagged peaks. The scenes were filmed in the Cascade Range, clear across the country.
  • When Angela looks at herself in the mirror wearing her wedding gown, a mic hanging over her head is also reflected in the mirror.
  • When hunting, Michael carries a left handed Winchester Model 70 rifle, with the bolt handle on the left side. However in one shot during the second hunting scene, the bolt handle is suddenly on the right hand side. His wristwatch is also on the opposite wrist. The editors apparently flipped the negative so that he would be facing the right direction to match the other shots in the sequence.
  • When returning to the bar after the hunting trip, they are singing "Drop Kick Me Jesus (Through The Goalposts Of Life)" a Bobby Bare song released in 1976 after the Vietnam War had ended.
  • In the bar scene at the beginning of the film, a supposedly live football game on the TV is obviously film, complete with many scratches on the image.
  • The deer that Michael kills in the hunting scene is not the same species as the one that is strapped to the hood of the Cadillac when the hunting party arrives back into town.
  • In the bar before Nick, Steve and Michael are going off to Vietnam, Nick opens up the same can of beer twice.
  • In the bar, right before the guys start singing along to "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", Michael is sitting on a chair holding a pool cue in his right hand and tapping it on the floor. A split second later as they begin to sing, he pounds the cue stick on the floor with his left hand.
  • The deer that Michael shoots is an Asian Red deer and not indigenous to North America.
  • The religious ceremonies are held in a place marked Russian Orthodox Cathedral. A cathedral in any religion is the seat of a bishop, usually located in the population center of a diocese. It is unlikely that such a place would be located in a small town such as Clairton.
  • The hairstyles the men wear in the first scenes in the film, which are set in 1967, are anachronistic for their location, occupation, and socio-political orientation. While male hippies and rock musicians famously had long hair in 1967, it was unheard-of for patriotic steelworkers in Pennsylvania to wear their hair that long. Hair for that set of people is perfect for 1975, when the last scenes are set, or 1977-78, when the movie was filmed, but not for 1967.
  • "Stosh" is the Polish nickname for Stanley, not Russian.
  • The cans of Rolling Rock beer, Iron City beer (in the 1960s Pennsylvania bar), Pepsi and Mountain Dew (at the wedding reception), and Miller beer (in Vietnam) are all 1970s vintage. The bottles of Rolling Rock do, however, roughly represent the correct 1960s design.
  • When Nick enters the red-light district bar in Saigon, "Midnight Train To Georgia" by Gladys Knight and The Pips starts playing on the loudspeakers. However, this recording was not released until August 1973, at least 4 years after this event could have occurred.
  • When the guys sang "Drop Kick Me Jesus" at the bar just prior to the Vietnam scenes they were singing a song that would not be written until 1976.
  • When Nick walks out on the prostitute, she picks up her child and bumps its head on the lampshade.
  • When Michael goes back to Vietnam to find Nick, it is obviously in April 1975 as the fall of Saigon is depicted. At Nick's funeral, Angela's son is no more than 2 years old, yet Angela had yet to give birth when Mike, Nick and Steven left for Vietnam. That would mean they went to Vietnam in 1973...however, all American troops were withdrawn from Vietnam by March, 1973 let alone engaging in combat missions and being as prevalent as shown in the film.
  • Steve and Nick, while depicted as assigned to 101st Airborne Division, they were shown wearing Marine's M1955 flak vest with a rope ridge on the shoulder.
  • In race scene with truck, a state of Ohio route sign is seen on a pole.
  • Michael's full dress uniform is showing at least eight service ribbons that he was too young to earn or were not part of the Vietnam campaign, although presumably this was done to make an impression on the audience. Furthermore, his uniform is showing six service marks on his lower left sleeve; each of these marks represents four years of military service, or 24 years and counting; it would have been impossible for Michael to have served that long being in his early 30's.
  • The young Airborne Soldier at the bar, like Michael's dress uniform, cannot possibly belong to him, having six service marks on the lower left sleeve, which is 24 years of service--four years of good conduct for each mark--being so young.. Furthermore, the quantity and type of ribbons and service medals could not possibly belong to a soldier in his early 30's--the one drinking at the bar.
  • Service member or not, there is no way the Veteran's Administration would have allowed Michael to take Steven home against his will, and even the attempt would have resulted in security personnel apprehending Michael. Although reluctant at first, Steve does later allow Mike to take him home when he sees how serious he is about it.


  • Right before Nick's funeral, the scene shows the Eagle Super Market with the exact same sale signs in the window as at the beginning of the movie, which were different when Michael had returned home from Vietnam, some year-and-a-half later.
  • When Nick is killed in the final Russian Roulette game, the gunshot is underneath the flow of blood on his bandana, yet on the close up, the gunshot is near the top of his bandana while the flow of blood is underneath.
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