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    • Cliff Robertson: Those are some pretty good cuts. You played some minor league ball didn't you?
    • Ronnie Peterson: Well, a little class a, it was a long time ago.
    • Mindy Morrison: Guys. Shouldn't we be telling each other that's it all gonna be ok? That this will all go away like a bad dream? Ronnie?
    • Ronnie Peterson: Gee Mindy I'm not sure I can say that.
    • Mindy Morrison: Cliff. Please?
    • Cliff Robertson: It's all gonna be ok Mindy. Maybe it'll all just go away, like a bad dream.
    • Ronnie Peterson: I doubt it.
    • [last lines]
    • Hermit Bob: What a fucked-up world.
    • Cliff Robertson: What do you think did this?
    • Ronnie Peterson: I'm thinking zombies.
    • Cliff Robertson: What?
    • Ronnie Peterson: You know, the undead. Ghouls.
    • Ronnie Peterson: This is definitely going to end badly.
    • Cliff Robertson: Shut up, Ronnie.
    • Ronnie Peterson: No, you shut up.
    • Dean: The world is perfect. Appreciate the details.
    • Mindy Morrison: She's strange.
    • Cliff Robertson: She's Scottish.
    • Ronnie Peterson: She's Scottish?
    • Zelda Winston: Ah, Star Wars. That's good fiction.
    • Mindy Morrison: Is she alive?
    • Ronnie Peterson: No, she is undead.
    • Ronnie Peterson: That girl is half Mexican. I know because I love Mexicans.
    • Cliff Robertson: What, are we improvising here?
    • Bobby Wiggins: The only way to kill the dead is to kill the head.
    • Zelda Winston: So, the dead just don't wanna die today, is that it?
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