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Goofs from The Dead Don't Die

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  • The shotgun sound effects during the final stand scene in the cemetery included ringing from a steel target.
  • Although all the smartphones stopped working, when the zombies want wi-fi they are all on.
  • The Pontiac LeMans which matches the car from "Night of the Living Dead" is said to be a 1968 model but the correct model year is 1967.
  • Obvious day for night in the final cemetery scenes.
  • When Zelda is driving around the zombies, tires wouldn't squeak on a smart car travelling at that slow of a speed.
  • When Officer Morrison decides she doesn't want to remain in the car, she opens the back door. Police cars do not have doors in the back that open from the inside. This keeps those that have been arrested from any attempts to exit the vehicle.
  • The three characters who visit the gas station are shown paying for gas but then leave the gas station without getting any gas. (We saw them filling up before they paid.)
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