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Goofs from The Curse of La Llorona

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  • Anna's car has a 7-digit California license plate in the 1AAA111 format. The movie is set in 1973 but this format was not used until 1980. Cars in California in 1973 had 6-digit plates in the 111AAA format.
  • When La Llorona grabs people's arms, their arms develop burn marks. But when she grabs Chris' face, nothing happens.
  • The movie is set in 1973 when the fashion for men was to have long hair and sideburns. None of the male characters have sideburns and Sean Patrick Thomas has a fade haircut which wouldn't become fashionable until 20 years later.
  • Sam's shirt changes from one camera angle to the next when she and her brother Chris are getting hidden in the closet by their mother.
  • Earlier in the movie the young boy had to be on his tippy toes to push the attic door closed. Later in the movie he was able to use the same rod to open the attic door.
  • Despite the fact she comes in the dark and at night, she reveals herself at the pool outside in the daytime to the daughter.
  • Raphael is shown placing the fire tree seeds (too keep la Llorona from the house) along the front door and one window, but apparently he stopped there because the back door had no protection. As soon as la Llorona realized she could not cross the front threshold, the family panicked realizing she could get through the back.
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