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Goofs from The Curse of La Llorona

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  • Anna's car has a 7-digit California license plate in the 1AAA111 format. The movie is set in 1973 but this format was not used until 1980. Cars in California in 1973 had 6-digit plates in the 111AAA format.
  • When La Llorona grabs people's arms, their arms develop burn marks. But when she grabs Chris' face, nothing happens.
  • The movie is set in 1973 when the fashion for men was to have long hair and sideburns. None of the male characters have sideburns and Sean Patrick Thomas has a fade haircut which wouldn't become fashionable until 20 years later.
  • Sam's shirt changes from one camera angle to the next when she and her brother Chris are getting hidden in the closet by their mother.
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