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    • Samuel Insull: So, what's your trade?
    • Nikola Tesla: I fix problems for idiots.
    • Samuel Insull: You said that you'd never make a machine that would kill people.
    • Thomas Edison: Listen, either I stop complaining about the scavengers in my garden or build a wall so damn high, no one will ever dare to scale it.
    • Samuel Insull: You are the smartest man I know. Beyond building miracles out of thin air, I was most impressed by your principles! You didn't invent the incandescents. People just think you did.
    • Thomas Edison: Let me welcome you to the reality of how things come into existence. We all contribute. That's what invention is. The salt, the grain, the heat, the heart. Only one man makes the bread rise. That's the one that puts it all together. Makes it taste so damn good the people will go out there, and hand over their hard-won dollars to buy it.
    • Samuel Insull: Mr Edison, I want you to succeed. I do. But you have to switch to night. Or you'll die as P.T Barnum rather than sir Isaac Newton.
    • Thomas Edison: I make something impossible. They rip it away from me, so I do it again and they do it again. And again and again. This isn't like everything else. This IS everything else. Our future isn't going to be paved with bricks but with copper. Automation, transportation, communication. And the man that controls that current, controls that future.
    • Samuel Insull: You know Westinghouse is right. You don't actually believe that a few accidents will rule out the liability of his current. You just don't want to lose.
    • Thomas Edison: I have merely amplified what no one else was willing to take seriously.
    • Samuel Insull: No, what you did was run him over with a twelve-ton train!
    • Thomas Edison: Well he's the only one who is supposed to make the breaks, so who's to blame here?
    • Samuel Insull: Switch to night and you win.
    • Thomas Edison: His current kills people!
    • Samuel Insull: Only because YOU said it would!
    • Thomas Edison: The world will never be the same. I'm working on something now, something so new that people will forget I was ever associated with electricity.
    • George Westinghouse: I wonder if you know what it is yet. You know, I think the solution is to divide the cost of the fence. Or you could not build a fence at all. Your garden would be twice as big. Wouldn't it, Tom?
    • George Westinghouse: I can take a beating, but I have no patience for shoddy craftmanship.
    • Franklin Pope: The good thing about Edison is that he could be the richest man in the world, but he doesn't give a damn about money.
    • George Westinghouse: What does he give a damn about?
    • Thomas Edison: To kill a human being under the guise of justice is... is cockeyed.
    • George Westinghouse: The value of something isn't what someone's willing to pay, but the value of something is what it contributes.
    • Nikola Tesla: A true legacy isn't what we build up to the heavens or carve deep into stone. Rocks will crumble,paper disintegrates, and bone turns to powder. Only that which isn't in the physical realm and reaches in both directions can be eternal. Our ideas.They are what we leave behind. And only they are what can push us forward.
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