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  • (at around 43 mins) Level of drink in Gideon's glass.
  • (at around 10 mins) When Eric Draven returns home for the first time after his resurrection the camera pans past the crow. When the crow is out of the frame we hear the sound of its wings fluttering even though the shadow shows the bird is still.
  • (at around 7 mins) When the hoods are smashing the pinball machines, broken glass from an earlier take is visible in the "Night Rider" game.
  • (at around 43 mins) When Gideon is drinking at the bar he unscrews the cap of his bottle completely, then Grange comes up behind him and unscrews it again before pouring him a drink.
  • (at around 6 mins) When Sarah takes the first sip of her drink at Maxi's, it sounds empty.
  • (at around 1h 27 mins) There is a cable visible just to the right of the bell rope as Myca falls down the tower.
  • Police car #48 is damaged when it collides with Skank's car, but appears soon after undamaged.
  • (at around 6 mins) At the beginning of the movie, a guy comments on Lake Erie catching fire. In reality, it was the Cuyahoga River that caught fire, but since it empties into Lake Erie, the reference is understandable.
  • (at around 55 mins) During the police pursuit, in aerial shots, the police car has strobe lights and in the ground shots it has rotating lights.
  • Black cable visible on guy Eric kicks out of a chair and through a window.
  • Position of electrical tape on Eric's stomach and forearms.
  • (at around 54 mins) When Skank is in the convenience store to get "smokes and road beers" and sees T-Bird being kidnapped, he limps out of the store before being hit by the car. This is because a scene in which he is shot by someone robbing the store was cut from the final edition. After being hit by a car, the limping is easily explained.
  • (at around 6 mins) Sarah's hood at the hotdog stand.
  • (at around 1h 30 mins) When the crow drops the ring in Sarah's hand you hear the sound of the ring hitting something hard.
  • (at around 51 mins) When Gideon is stabbed and shot you can see him take a breath before it changes to the next scene.
  • (at around 40 mins) When Eric shoots FunBoy in the leg, the wire used to make Funboy's fall is visible.
  • The wound shifts sides on Lee in the first chase/fight scene.
  • (at around 54 mins) After Skank was hit by the red car he left a large crack in the windshield but at the end of the car chase scene when the police rammed into the red car Skank falls out and the damage to the windshield has disappeared.
  • (at around 1h 2 mins) When the girl walks up from the street to the door of Eric's apartment, dolly-tracks are clearly visible in the full-frame version.
  • Throughout the movie the neon lights under T-Bird's car are green but when Eric is in the back seat of the car forcing him to drive the lights are clearly yellow.
  • Children's flashlights on Lee's face.
  • (at around 1h 7 mins) At the hot dog stand when Sarah and Albrecht are talking about seeing Eric, the cat, Gabriel, is clearly being restrained.
  • (at around 42 mins) After Eric disposes of Funboy he grabs hold of Darla in order to help her see the error of her ways. At one point he holds her, arm extended, and tells her "Morphine is bad for you," whereupon the vein opens and a white fluid drains out. The problem here is that all injectable, liquid oral, and intravenous morphine preparations are a clear light blue in color for safety and identification concerns. The only IV or injectable pharmaceutical that appears milky-white, such as that in the film, is Propofol, an intravenous anesthetic.
  • (at around 1h 29 mins) Shelly is shown being defibrillated while fully-clothed. Defibrillators are used only on bare skin.
  • The subtitle in the opening reads "Devils Night" (sic) plural. It should read "Devil's Night," possessive.
  • (at around 1h 14 mins) Black cable visible on and behind white thug falling, by Eric forcing another thugs arm to shoot him 2 or 3 times and falling out window with a tech-9 or mac-10 in his right hand. Scene being reported is just after "Skank" says Jesus Christ and grabs guy to shoot other thug as told above.
  • (at around 1h 1 min) When the detective and the cop are arguing about the discovery of a man melted to his blown up car, right after Draven sends the burning car into the river, the detective's shoulder holster changes from brown to black-strapped halfway through the scene.
  • (at around 1h 14 mins) Draven gets shot by hundreds of bullets after he confronts Top Dollar but his clothes remain intact.
  • In the flashback showing how Eric died he's stabbed as soon as he walks in the door, then shot twice (we hear 2 gunshots), and finally thrown backward through a window. As he's putting on his makeup the lightning flashes and 5 bullet wounds can be seen in his back, but moments later when he puts on his shirt there are only 3 holes in his back. When he turns around in addition to the stab wound on the right side of his abdomen there are various other cuts and wounds on his left side. Since he went through the window backward and landed on broken glass the cuts should be on and all over his back (there are none) not on his abdomen (where there are several.)
  • At the start of the movie the police is inspecting the crime scene where the main character and his finance were murdered. The police officer can be seen smoking a cigarette in the room where the crime was committed and actually putting the cigarette out on the floor, while his colleagues and forensics are still investigating. This would be considered contaminating the crime scene.
  • After Eric wakes from his grave and goes back to his former apartment. The apartment is still considered a crime scene even though a year has passed since he died and the living room is left untouched. It is unrealistic that abandoned housing would be left unused in cities.
  • After Eric is resurrected and goes back to his former apartment. His cat is still wandering around in the house, even though no one is looking after this cat since he died, a year ago.
  • At the pawn shop, Eric is in search for his engagement ring. It seems the pawn shop owner still has it, even though a year has passed. Even other rings from other victims of the gang. It makes no sense for a pawn shop owner to retain these valuables, since it is his business to sell them as quick as possible with a profitable margin.
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