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  • The chest of drawers that hits Sarah in the final confrontation inexplicably disappears when Nancy is searching through the clothing.
  • Towards the end, when Sarah is walking through her dark house, two crew members are reflected in a mirror.
  • When Sarah gets out of Chris's convertible, she opens the door and closes it. Chris follows her by jumping over the door. In the next shot it shows him closing the door like he exited as Sarah did.
  • The toilet door lock wouldn't work for a door swinging in that direction.
  • Sarah's shirt through the climax of the movie changes from a ribbed pattern to a plain non-ribbed pattern.
  • Robin Tunney's wig is obvious in some scenes, including the hair-changing "glamours" and during the climax after Nancy makes cuts on Sarah's arms.
  • When the girls first enter the occult shop, the door swings inward into the shop, but when they exit it swings outward to the street.
  • When Nancy, Rochelle, and Bonnie walk up to Sarah by the football field, Nancy is holding a book. The camera moves to Sarah and when it turns back a second later, the book has been flipped around.
  • When Bonnie goes back to gene therapy she has bandages on, that weren't shown in any other part of the movie. They also extend up her neck, but scars are never seen on that part of her body, even when her hair is up.
  • In the French lesson, the teacher wrote on the board "Si vous aviez faites vos devoirs, vous comprendriez" (which means "If you would have done your homework, you'd understand"). Actually, it is supposed to be "Si vous aviez FAIT vos devoirs, vous comprendriez".
  • Sarah's lipstick in the final scene is sometimes on, but sometimes not
  • Sarah's wrist scars are inconsistent throughout the movie.
  • When Sara walks in to the room at the party where Nancy and Chris are on the bed, as soon as Nancy appears to be in her own form again, you can see that her lipstick is smeared almost to the point of being completely gone. However, when she gets off of the bed and begins yelling at Chris, her lipstick is perfect.
  • When Bonnie first goes to gene therapy, the scars are all over her back and down her left arm. However, when the four of them are strutting down the school hallway, her short sleeved shirt reveals no scars on her arm. The scars are back down her arm when she goes the second time to the doctor.
  • The red Mustang has no driver's side mirror in one shot and a few seconds later, from another angle, it has one.
  • When Sarah walks into her room for the first time there is a shadow of one of the crew members behind her on the door.
  • In the "green traffic lights" scene, scenes shot from the passenger side of the car show Nancy (who is driving) holding her arm up and leaning out the window with a cigarette in her hand, but the scenes shot from the driver side show her left arm resting at her side.
  • Nancy Downs is very poor and living in a trailer, yet she goes to an expensive private school in Southern California.
  • During the 'levitation' scene the candles on the floor disappear during some shots.
  • When Sarah & Chris are sitting in his convertible on the night they're supposed to go out to dinner, it is obviously dark out & night time. However, when Sarah runs through the woods to get away from him, it is daytime with a blue sky seen through the trees.
  • In the French class, the professor writes, "Si vous aviez faites vos devoirs, vous comprendriez." It should be "Si vous aviez fait."
  • During the beginning title sequence, the branding on the Taxi Cab changes from "Rapid Taxi" to "Star Cab"
  • The opening scene where Nancy and family are moving to their new house - it is pouring rain. As they turn in and go up the driveway, the car windshield wipers show it has stopped raining and the sun is out. Moments later when they are leaving the car to enter the house it is pouring again.
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