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Goofs from The Courier (2019)

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  • Someone is told they are being shot at with a .51-calibre M-82 Barrett sniper rifle. The Barrett only shoots .50-calibre (.51 is a Russian weapon with different case dimensions). When we see the shooter, the rifle is obviously NOT a Barrett but, rather, a hunting-style rifle more likely shooting 7.62mm NATO ammunition.
  • A character is shot in the leg by a sniper who is purportedly using a .51-calibre rifle - the character doesn't even fall down, instead limping off to bind the wound. A hit with a round that size in the meat of one's thigh would effectively blow the leg off - shattered bone, disrupted blood vessels, etc.
  • After leaving the witness in the hospital, the courier has on a backpack that she did not have before.
  • The use of biometric on the weapons is perpetuating a rather false myth.
  • Sixty five minutes into the film, after she duct tape's his chest injury, she hands him a knife for protection. He asks, "What are you gonna use?" This suggests she has no weapon. Less than a minute later she fires one round from a handgun, before throwing the gun to the ground.
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