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  • When Judy is walking down the stairs, it is a very low shot and a modern disc-shaped smoke detector can be seen above her on the roof. In the early 1970s, smoke detectors would have been beehive-shaped.
  • When Ed and Lorraine are listening to the recorded interview, the sound meter needle on the recorder does not move as the recording was audible.
  • The white GMC moving truck that pulls in behind the family station wagon when they first arrive at the house in 1971 wasn't available until 1973.
  • In an early scene of the swamp, a bald cypress is visible. However, their range is well south of Rhode Island, extending only as far north as Maryland/Delaware.
  • When Judy covers her ears whilst hearing a door being banged on loudly, her hands are under her hair. The next shot, her hands are over her hair.
  • When Judy Warren is being attacked by the witch in her bedroom, her locket necklace is hanging on her night table. After they get her out and run down the hall, it is around her neck.
  • A few minutes into the movie, the camera pans across the front porch. Visible along the base of the outside wall is a RJ-11 phone jack with a spring loaded cover. RJ-11 phone jacks were not used in 1971. RJ-11 jacks were introduced by phone companies in 1976.
  • Throughout the movie, when the music box is being played, the clown in the music box is shown to move up and down with the music. However in the final scene of the film, when the music box plays the clown doesn't move.
  • The 1967 Mustang convertible parked at the motel had B.F. Goodrich Radial T/A tires which were not sold in 1971. The Radial T/A was not introduced until 1972.
  • Early in the movie, the piano is in the cellar at the bottom of the stairs. However, when Carolyn goes down the stairs later in the movie, the piano isn't there. Later, when the investigators go down to the cellar, the piano is again at the bottom of the steps.
  • In the exorcism scene where Carolyn is thrown against a wall whilst strapped in her chair, as Carolyn falls to the floor you can see that it is in fact a stunt man as his wig falls off.
  • The title card over the establishing shot mistakenly reads "The Warren's Home." It should read Warrens'.
  • Just before Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren visit the Perron family on November 1, 1971, the family is shown watching The Brady Bunch (1969). According to the clock on the mantle, the time is 1:55 pm, but that show did not start syndicated afternoon reruns until 1975. Furthermore, the episode shown is Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up? (1971), which first appeared in January, 1971.
  • In the beginning of the movie, when the Perron parents are in their bedroom looking out at the dog, it is night time and they have the lights on. When the view changes to the outside looking up to their room, it is clear that only one window is illuminated from the light. The next scene, Carolyn wakes up and two windows are visible in the room.
  • When Roger is investigating the source of the banging sound and sees the door to the kitchen creak open, it is opened nearly all the way. In the next shot as he is approaching it, it is nearly closed.
  • When Judy is being attacked by the witch, there is a thunder storm. In subsequent scenes, there is not.
  • During the tape recorder scene, the balance, tone and volume controls of the recorder change positions midway through the scene, although none of the characters are shown to adjust them.
  • The air scoops on the sides of the powder blue VW bus are models from 1974 at the earliest.
  • When Ed and Lorraine enter the Perron's house, Carolyn tells them that the family now sleeps downstairs. When they walk into the living room, mattresses are seen on the floor. When Drew is setting up cameras in the bedrooms, there are mattresses on the beds. During the night shots, the beds are stripped of bedding and mattresses.
  • When Cindy is retrieved from her hiding spot after sleepwalking, there is a cell phone in Carolyn's back pocket.
  • At the end of the movie, the Warrens' mention that they have to go to Long Island for a case, referring to Amityville. However, the movie is set in 1971 and the Amityville case didn't happen until 1976/1977.
  • Judy Warren is shown in the movie as a child in 1971; the Warrens' daughter was born during WWII and would have been a grown adult around the time this film takes place.
  • On the landing to the basement stairs, you catch a glimpse of a vacuum cleaner that is a Kirby model 1CB Omega. That model of Kirby did not appear until 1972, a year after the movie was said to take place.
  • When Ed and Lorraine are driving to the Perron's house for the first time (after Carolyn begs them to come), you can see that the leaves are green. It looks like late spring or summer. But when Ed makes the tape of the occurrences in the house, he states that it is November 1st. The leaves would certainly have been orange/yellow by then.
  • The Warrens speak of wanting to "move to the country" a couple of times throughout the film; Monroe, CT, especially when this film takes place, is a small, country town.
  • The television remote control shows that it is Ceefax capable, something only prototypes had, which became available in 1977. This wasn't on a regular household remote control for a TV. Also, TVs with remote controls would have been very expensive, and the Perron family are impoverished.
  • When Lorraine is trying to see Rory through April's music box, the little dial used to make it play music changes positions throughout the camera angles. The dial doesn't move when playing, and when Lorraine is finished spinning the dial, it is in a vertical position. When the camera changes to look over Lorraine's shoulder, the dial is in a horizontal position. This changes back to the vertical position when the camera returns to Lorraine.
  • At one point, Officer Brad offers Drew coffee, and Drew declines saying, "I'm good." This response (meaning "No, thank you") was not part of idiomatic American English in 1971.
  • When Ed puts the music box on the shelf at the end of the movie, it is shut. The next scene shows it open and playing.
  • When Rory's ghost leads Cindy up the stairs and into the bedroom, Drew is listening through the audio equipment and says there is someone else in the bedroom with Cindy. When Roger, Officer Brad, and Ed look for Cindy in the bedroom, Ed tells Officer Brad to get the UV light from Drew. When Officer Brad asks Drew for the UV light, Drew acts as if he hadn't heard it despite still wearing the audio headset.
  • Around the 1:35::45 mark (on Netflix at least), Drew is running around the house looking for April. Just after he comes down the stairs and slowly enters the living room, on the right side of the screen you can see a crew member in a plaid flannel shirt just as he rounds the corner.
  • When Loraine is taking laundry off the clothing lines, a sheet rips off the line and appears to cover an invisible person while wind keeps it against them. As it flies up to the window, you can clearly see that the sheet appears OVER top of the clothing pins, despite it being physically behind them. Visual effects people forgot to mask around the clothing pins to make it so that the sheet didn't appear in front of them.


  • During the exorcism, the cop gets his neck torn and blood gushes out. In the next shots, there is no blood on him.
  • At the end of the movie when Ed Warren puts away the music box, the camera's shadow can be seen on the left of the shelf.
  • Shadows of the camera and cameraman can be seen multiple times during the final confrontation in the basement.
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