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  • In the film, Louise Brooks wears her hair long until her first dance lesson in New York, after which she cuts it into a bob, ostensibly to stand out from her classmates and/or to be more fashionable, as the flapper style popularized women having shorter hair. In reality, Brooks had worn a bob since she was a child.
  • Norma's Midwestern accent comes and goes.
  • The film seems to imply that Ruth St. Denis is jealous of Ted Shawn's attentions toward Louise Brooks, but Shawn was gay. St. Denis was also 12 years older than Shawn.
  • Two scenes show a train going to or from Kansas, but does not show American railroad equipment. The steam engine is British or European. American railroad equipment does not the have buffers (two round bumper-like fixtures on each end of engines or cars). The engine shown has buffers.


  • Toward the end of the film, Norma gives a visibly depressed Louise a pep talk, encouraging her to go back out into the world and pursue her dreams because remaining in Kansas will only make her miserable. Louise agrees and leaves town, and it is implied that she lives happily ever after, just as Norma does with her unusual blended family. In reality, although Louise was miserable after returning to Kansas in the 1940s and did leave for New York shortly thereafter, her subsequent life was anything but happy. She struggled financially for decades, and she eventually became an impoverished, alcoholic sex worker.
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