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  • A book purporting to be Philip Larkin's Collected Poems appears several times in this film. However, Larkin's poetry was not brought together in a single volume until 1988, 29 years after this film was set.
  • Modern plastic UPVC widows visible in background of certain 'town' shots, and modern pvc wellies worn by 'fisherman', small but noticeable details.
  • The Sea Scouts shown in the film, are wearing Cub Scout caps.
  • Inside the bookshop, modern Penguin Clothbound Classics can be seen on the shelves. These editions were put out in the last 20 years, bound to look like older styles, but are, indeed, recent publications.


  • The Penelope Fitzgerald book as well as the historical reference to the publishing of Lolita place the setting in 1959. Mr Brundish, however, says his wife left in 1919 and that he hasn't seen her for 45 years. He should have said 40.
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