The Birds 60th Anniversary

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Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds is an unforgettable masterpiece that is considered one of the most terrifying films from the Master of Suspense. This special 60th anniversary event includes exclusive insight from Turner Classic Movies.


  • Rod Taylor
  • Tippi Hedren
  • Jessica Tandy

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Jaws before the world was ready, Hitch’s much misappreciated follow-up to Psycho is arguably the greatest of all disaster films—a triumph of special effects, as well as the fountainhead of what has become known as gross-out horror.

Metacritic review by J. Hoberman
J. Hoberman
Village Voice

A mysterious army of enemies, with no suggested motive and, what's worse, they're your friendly garden crows. Clamps itself to your recollection and doesn't let go.

Metacritic review by Angie Errigo
Angie Errigo

If this works at all it’s because of the sound design: the cacophony of squawks and flapping over the opening credits, followed by incessant tapping, screeching, chirping, fluttering – sometimes in scenes where no birds are present. And then the occasional shock of silence, which is eerier still.

Josh Larsen