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  • The amount of soup in the bowls at the dinner table.
  • Examining the books on the shelf at Armand's home, the senator's wife remarks that he has the complete set of Nancy Drew books. While the blue-bound books on the top shelf might be Nancy Drew books, there are nowhere near enough of them to complete the set. All the other books on the shelf have binding of different colors and would not be books from that series.
  • Armand's sweat on his shirt while talking to his son.
  • While sitting at a restaurant, the positioning of sugar packets on the table changes.
  • When Armand is calling Katherine from his car, he is supposedly leaving Miami Beach on his way to Miami. But the cruise ships in the background clearly show that he is heading east to Miami Beach *from* Miami.
  • When Armand and Val are talking, the door behind Armand is alternately open/closed between shots.
  • The evening that Val arrives home, Albert comes upstairs in a fit. While screaming "Where is he? Where's your little Chippie," Albert throws a product of the stage skit at Armand and, as a result, the candle on the table goes out. In the next shot, the candle is lit again.
  • The flames on the candles on the wall when Albert's wig almost falls off.
  • After Albert enters the kitchen, the placement of Armand's Turkish coffee and newspaper change from where they were immediately prior to Albert's entrance.
  • The transmission selector on the Senator's car is in park while they're driving to South Beach.
  • When Armand discovers that Val is getting married, he quickly drinks all of his champagne. But when he gets up to refill his glass, it appears that there is still champagne there.
  • There are two very obvious cuts during the beginning flyby, which is assembled to look like one long shot from the opening over the ocean to the close up of the stage inside the club. The first is when the shot pans down to the street in front of the club. Most of the cars shift to the right and some are different. Then again as the shot approaches the front door, the action inside the door cuts to a different shot.
  • Position of the wine bottle changes in Val's hand as he talks with Armand. Then after Val sets the bottle down, we see the back label in all the two-shots of Val and Armand and the front label in the one-shots of Val.
  • Armand broke down when he discovered that Agador hadn't prepared an entrée for dinner. Armand inexplicably forgot that he owned the restaurant downstairs and could easily have had dinner sent up. On the other hand, when we see into the kitchen in the beginning, one of the staff drops food on the floor and attempts to pick it up and put it back on the plate... So he may not trust his own kitchen.
  • During the dinner scene, when Armand is running to the kitchen, a guy is visible through the round door window.
  • In the kitchen scene where Armand and Val realize Agador never prepared an entrée, Armand slips and falls while bringing the sweet & sour peasant soup pot back into the dining room; as he then tells Val "go, go, she'll be here any minute, go", he is clearly laughing.
  • Armand indicates that his cemetery plot is on Key Biscayne. There are no cemeteries, nor would there ever be in this highly up-scale, resort community that is an island "key." Key Biscayne is at best, a few feet above sea level precluding ever having burials on the island secondary to the water table.
  • When in Katherine's office, a beautiful view of the mountains is seen through the windows. This is clearly not shot in Florida, which has no hills over 345 feet. The mountains are in fact clouds. However as it is a painted backdrop they never move which makes them appear like mountains.
  • Armand puts the small green statue in a desk to hide it but earlier when they were moving items out of the house prior to the Senators arrival, the statue was put into a box to be taken away.
  • In the bakery, Albert says "the Schnecken beckons". He should have said, with perfect rhyme, "the Schnecken beckon.". In Yiddish/German, Schnecken is plural. It's a sweet pastry rolled in the shape of a snail, hence the name, which in German means snail. Singular Schnecke, plural Schencken.
  • When Senator Keeley is talking about his trip through the Virginia country side he refers to taking 75. 75 is either in reference to Route 75 or Interstate 75. Neither run through Virginia. Interstate 75 is the closer of the two, but runs through Kentucky. Keeley mentions driving through Virginia and Tennessee, this means he most likely took I-81, which would fit his description of Virginia pretty well.
  • The color of the eggs in the soup at dinner changes between shots.
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